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 Elisabeth’s Twentieth September 17, 2018

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 Elisabeth’s Twentieth

Elisabeth hadler

Tenure Spotlight

Meet Elisabeth. In September, she has worked at Great Basin Federal Credit Union for 20 years! We asked her to take a minute out of her busy day as Chief Experience Officer to tell us all a little about herself.

Favorite movie: “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” comes to mind. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I manage to watch this one about 5 times a year!

Last song that came on your iPod: “No Plans” by Jason Mraz. Going to see Jason live this week for what I believe will be the 11th time, so I’m getting my pre-game on!

Favorite book: I don’t read a ton (I’m usually consuming my information via podcast these days), but I seem to recall “The Giver” as one of my most memorable reads.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Still working at Great Basin FCU, that’s for sure! Hopefully watching my kids thrive in their academics, sports, activities, and winning at life and being kind humans.

Favorite part about working at Great Basin: My amazing teammates! The people I get to work with are incredible and have become my family. I learn from them every day and certainly laugh with them A LOT!

Funniest thing that ever happened at work: Being within 4 feet of Sarah Horm is the funniest thing that has ever happened at work.

When I was little, I wanted to be: Confident, independent, and happy. Oh wait, you mean what did I want to do for work? I recall wanting to be a marine biologist like every other kid, ha!

Favorite pastime: Camping and boating with my family and friends! I also LOVE watching my son play baseball.

Aren’t we lucky to have a gal like Elisabeth.

Congratulations to Elisabeth on this huge accomplishment! Here’s to 20 more great years!

Until Next Year, Balloon Races

hot air balloon

by Lisa Brown

As the The Great Reno Balloon Races of 2018 come to a close, we pause and reflect on what makes this Reno event unique. This year marked the 37th annual GRBR festival, and it proved to be a spectacular year for the festivities. The weather was pristine for ballooning, blue skies, low winds, and moderate early morning temperatures. Over the four days, the morning skies were magically bedecked with cloud formations, which proved to be the perfect back drop for the colorful balloons. This year, audiences were exhilarated by the experience and left with a grateful, warm feeling about the Biggest Little City in the world. As UNR student, Grace Brown, put it, “there is something so whimsical about the balloon race. It’s not often that we can witness a little magic in our day to day lives, but the balloon race weekend gives the residents of Reno and Sparks the chance to do so.”

The GRBR is the largest FREE balloon festival worldwide; and in a world where finding free family, friendly activities is a rarity, the Reno Balloon Races stands apart from other such events worldwide. This uniqueness has been built into the GRBR through its mission:

“The mission of The Great Reno Balloon Race is to provide a premier, safe, family-oriented/tourist-attractive, visually dramatic event that celebrates the joy of flight while remaining free to the public.”

The mission stayed true in 2018, and we can rest assured that it will do so in the future thanks to those with the foresight to create a such a statement.

This year’s festival was one of the biggest Reno has seen yet with close to a hundred balloons taking to the skies. It didn’t matter whether you were lucky enough to view the balloons as they filled the morning skies over Rancho San Rafael Park, you gazed at the balloons from your car as you drove through the Spaghetti Bowl on your way to work, or you looked down upon them atop your bike saddle at the top of Caughlin Ranch Parkway Road in the brisk morning air, spectators everywhere were intrigued by the balloons and their daring pilots and aeronauts. The Great Reno Balloon Races is a wonderful experience that displays just how Reno is an extraordinary “Little” city of the West.

Great Reno Balloon Races

Mass Ascension

As most of us have experienced that familiar crisp chill, creeping into our evening and morning routines, reminding us that fall is officially being welcomed into Reno. With September comes lots of traditions, some we know how they originated and others that we don’t know why we do them, we just love that we do! The tradition of going to The Great Reno Air Balloon Race is shared by many and yet most of us don’t know its history. Part of their mission statement is to “celebrate the joy of flight”.  So, do you know why we celebrate The Great Reno Balloon Race in September?

Perhaps, it is because the first hot air balloon launched September 19th, 1783. Who were the brave souls to venture on such an unknown voyage? A sheep, duck and a rooster of course! Sources debate on how long their first flight lasted, but it was anywhere from 8-15 minutes and they flew for 3 kilometers! That seems like quite the successful journey for animals who have no thumbs or knowledge of aviation. The inventors of the first hot air balloon were Joseph Michel Montgolfier and his brother Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier from Annonay, France. They were inspired by England’s Henry Cavendish, who first came up with the idea in 1766; that items can be lifted from Earth using hydrogen. Hydrogen has negative weight which makes it lighter than air which then can be used to cause objects to rise.

The first human to brave the uncharted territory of hot air balloon travel was a French Scientist Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier. For safety precautions they decided it was best to tie Rozier to the craft for his first flight. How successful this first flight was wasn’t recorded, but it went well enough for Rozier to board the craft again a month later, this time unrestrained, and was able to fly over Paris. He traveled 16 kilometers at 3,000 feet for 25 minutes! They were able to keep the air hot for flight by continually adding straw to the fire burning on a grill below the balloon. We have made it a long way from straw on a grill, thankfully and no longer use such dangerous methods to provide continuous hot air for flight!

The first Great Reno Balloon Race was held in 1982 when there were only a mere 20 hot air balloon participants gracing the Nevadan sky. Since its establishment there are now over 100 balloon participants each year. At first, the balloon race was a means to bring in tourism between the Nevada State Fair and the Reno Air Races, but now it has become an iconic event of its own that our community treasures. It brings people from all over together to share a love of community, families and hot air balloons!

The prize show of The Great Reno Balloon Race is Dawn Patrol. The term Dawn Patrol was patented by the board of trustees when federal aviation officials approved pre-dawn flight regulations in 1978. The Great Reno Balloon Race became the national role model for pre-dawn events in 1990 when it began launching balloons before sunrise. Pilots face unstable air conditions as their balloons illuminate the early morning skies and mark the beginning of the balloon race.

The Great Reno Balloon Race would not be possible without the many volunteers, known as Aeronauts. They help with many of the race areas, field set up and breakdown to pilot crews and the multitude of tasks that begin before sun-up. These hardworking Aeronauts are the glue that holds the entire race together. Now that you know how this tradition started, let’s make a new one and thank a volunteer at the event for all that they do! Without them we wouldn’t be able to see the magic and wonder that seeing hot air balloons in the sky creates.

Diversification in Market Volatility

When we see a change in our investments we may instinctively want to pull out of the market or sell under-performing investments as soon as volatility is seen on the horizon. However, taking yourself out of the game could mean losing out on potential opportunities and putting your savings at risk.

The best and most prudent course of action is to call me as I am trained to take the emotion out of investing.

To learn more on fluctuations in the market, check out Columbia’s Q&A guide: Ease the Impact of Volatile Markets.

I am always happy to discuss further. Please reach out to me at 775-789-3123 with any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment.  Also, be sure to check out our upcoming seminar, Keeping Perspective in Volatile Markets on Tuesday, September 18th at 5:30 pm at our Main Branch, located at 9770 S Virginia St., Reno. 


Steve Lindquist 
Financial Consultant
9600 S McCarran Blvd
Reno, NV 89523 
(775) 789-3140

Steve Lindquist is a registered representative offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.  Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Registered address: 9600 S McCarran Blvd., Reno NV 89523.

Investments are not deposits; not FDIC/NCUSIF insured; and not insured by any federal government agency.  No credit union guarantee.  May lose value.


Past performance does not guarantee future results, and no forecast should be considered a guarantee either. Since economic and market conditions change frequently, there can be no assurance that the trends described here will continue or that any forecasts are accurate.*Asset allocation is an investment strategy that will not guarantee a profit or protect you from loss.,



Board Member Spotlight: Ron Korman

Ron Korman has been employed by the City of Sparks for 22 years and is currently the Public Works Manager. Ron served on the Board of Directors for the Sparks Employees Federal Credit Union for almost two years until the merger with Great Basin Federal Credit Union. He also served as a member of the Great Basin FCU Supervisory Committee for 2 years.

Ron is originally from Alaska and has lived in Nigeria, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hawai’i. Ron’s wife, Shawn, was born and raised in Reno. Ron attended college at Oregon State University and the University of Alaska.

Together, Ron and Shawn have five children and fourteen grandchildren. Ron is active with, and is a board member of, the Washoe County Search and Rescue Specialized Vehicle Unit. Ron and his family enjoy spending time camping, boating, and having birthday parties.

Thank you, Ron, for all that you do for Great Basin Federal Credit Union!