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Super Sarah, to the rescue! July 12, 2018

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Super Sarah, to the rescue!

Meet Super Sarah (dun da da dun!), one of the superheroes here at Great Basin. We are thrilled to congratulate her on her 15 year anniversary with Great Basin Federal Credit Union! 

We asked Sarah to take a minute out of her busy day as Director of Operations to tell us all a little about herself.

  • Favorite thing to snack on while working: Yum I love snacks! What don’t I love! Corn nuts, popcorn, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, granola bars, cookies, cheese, pizza, chips, almonds, etc.!
  • Funniest thing that ever happened at work: So many funny things have happened to me in 15 years but one that cracks me up is when we were all walking out from the sparks branch I had a skirt on from when I was pregnant so it was a little stretched out and my hands were full and as we were walking to the car it fell down! I didn’t know what to do so I yelped and quickly tried to pull it back up with one hand and get to my car as fast as I could! The next day we looked it up on the cameras and it was even funnier. Oh we still laugh about it to this day!
  • When I was little, I wanted to be: school bus driver!

Our CEO Jennifer had this to say about her: “Sarah brings so much joy to my life. She is the most thoughtful, dedicated and goofy person I know, and I love her to the moon and back.”

Aren’t we all lucky to have a gal like Sarah!

Congratulations to her on this accomplishment! Thank you for 15 great years. Here’s to many more!

Legacy Planning

Happy three generation family sharing a mealtime together

A common misconception about legacy planning is that only the very wealthy leave legacies. But nothing could be further from the truth. That’s because your legacy is about far more than the money or assets you leave to loved ones or the organizations you support. It’s also about the family history, values and traditions you pass along to family members and loved ones.

Think about some of the legacies handed down through your own family. Maybe it’s your great-grandmother’s potato salad recipe, grandpa’s World War II medals, a handmade quilt or cherished family stories. While some of these may have little or no monetary value, they may hold tremendous sentimental or historical value for family members. And what about the traditions, beliefs and values you pass down to children, grandchildren or future generations?

These are all part of your legacy. How you will be remembered by the people whose lives you touched along the way?

Below are three reasons why it’s never too early to begin thinking about and planning your family legacy:

  1. Legacy planning helps to protect the lifestyle you and your family value.
    How you care for and protect the people and the causes that mean the most to you during your lifetime and in your absence forms the core of your legacy. How will you protect the income your family depends on in the event of a wage earner’s job loss, death or disability? How will you ensure you have the income you need when you need it to accomplish your goals to and through retirement? Legacy planning is part of a broader financial plan developed to help you manage your personal and financial affairs while you’re alive and control the distribution of wealth upon your death. By aligning your financial assets and investment strategy with your goals and values, planning helps to ensure your family legacy is carried out according to your wishes.
  2. It’s not what you earn, but what you keep that matters.
    Taxes make planning paramount at all stages of life. That’s because you want as much of your wealth as possible to support the people and organizations that are important to you, not lost to taxes. That requires strategies that seek to manage and reduce your tax exposure now and help to protect the value of assets intended for distribution upon your death.

  3. Planning helps to ensure the smooth transition of wealth and family values.
    Serving as an objective family advocate, your financial advisor can help ensure your financial success is shared with your family, friends and the charitable organizations you designate, according to your wishes. That may include educating your children and grandchildren on wealth management concepts and principles; establishing trusts for minors or family members with special needs; helping your heirs make prudent financial decisions; and carrying out your philanthropic goals, among others. Best of all, we can help you implement strategies during your lifetime, enabling you to witness your legacy in action through various investment, asset protection and gifting strategies.

To learn more about how the financial planning process can help you define and implement your legacy goals, contact the office today at 775-789-3140.


Steve Lindquist 
Financial Consultant
9600 S McCarran Blvd
Reno, NV 89523 
(775) 789-3140

Steve Lindquist is a registered representative offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.  Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Registered address: 9600 S McCarran Blvd., Reno NV 89523.

Investments are not deposits; not FDIC/NCUSIF insured; and not insured by any federal government agency.  No credit union guarantee.  May lose value.


This material is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subjects covered. It is not, however, intended to provide specific legal, tax, or other professional advice. For specific professional assistance, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought.

The Great Basin Family

emplyees angie and trisha

Being a member of a credit union has its perks. We strive for a better member experience. Part of our job is to give you such a great experience, that you love us! 

Being an employee of a credit union can have the same impact. Many employees here at Great Basin have previously worked for another financial institutions. And we wanted to know how it compares, because we look at ourselves like a family.

blog quote trisha

“Most of my adult life I have worked in the Credit Union industry, but this past year, after moving to Reno from Oregon, I accepted a job working at a local bank. Of course I had that first-day nerves of working somewhere new, but I also knew immediately that something was different. Something didn’t feel the same. I was welcomed, but I wasn’t family. It didn’t have that warm, family-feeling, that I knew from being employed at a credit union. Though I gave it my best, I always felt a little empty inside. It just wasn’t family. So I kept my eyes and ears open for a chance to join a credit union. I couldn’t know then, that the credit union I would find, would be exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed. I found Great Basin FCU, I found a family. Unlike my first day at the bank, my first day on the job at Great Basin was comfortable and familiar. I belonged. I love it here at Great Basin; the employees are awesome and helpful, and the membership is amazing. It feels like family.”

“My name is Angie, and I am a Member Service Representative at Great Basin. I have 12 years of experience working in the financial sector and I have worked for a variety of local banks. I love working with members and help them fulfill their financial needs. Although working with large financial institutions gave me valuable knowledge, I learned that with large banks comes intense regulations and atmosphere.

blog quote angie

In 2015, I stopped working for the bank and had a temporary career change. After working in other customer service positions, I realized I needed a jobs that fulfills me. I needed to be in a job that I was passionate about, which is banking. So, I returned to my “first love” of banking, but this time, with a credit union. 

I have always heard wonderful things about credit unions , but had never worked at one. After searching and applying for various credit unions, I was hired at Great Basin Federal Credit Union in March of 2018. It has been an exciting, warm, family-like experience. The employees in all departments are very friendly. They are always willing to help in any way; everyone is just a Skype, phone call or step away. I have never experience such love and support from colleagues. We are truly just one big, happy, loving team from the CEO on down.

One of my most valuable experiences was how I was welcomed to the branch. GBFCU and had someone take me around to all 3 of our branches and introduce me to all the employees. They were all asked the question, “What do you like about working at GBFCU?” and they all said they love how we are all like family here. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! I wish I could have invested all my years in banking here at Great Basin. Nevertheless, I am pleased to be here now and I look forward to many wonderful years to come.” 

Would ya look at that? We really are like family!

3 Tips for Budgeting Effectively

Budgeting is different for all of us. For some of us we are looking for ways to whittle down debt in a more manageable way, others are searching for ways to save to reach their goals, while some just want to be aware of their spending habits. Regardless of the reasons, budgeting can be beneficial to everyone, but sticking to a budget can be the hardest part.

Oftentimes we get overwhelmed and stop tracking before we gather enough information to help ourselves. Remember that you and your reasons are important and that breaking it down and personalizing it can be helpful in following through. Here is an example of what a monthly budget can look like.

A monthly budget breaks the budget down to a more manageable time frame. On our Monthly Budget Worksheet, you will find a “Budget Amount” column where you will place your projected income and what you want to spend and save for that month.

Tip #1

Make realistic budget amounts. Setting restrictions that will be difficult to achieve can lead to frustration and quitting. Take small steps and decide a few things you can change and take bigger steps later if needed.

In the second column you will find “Actual Amount”. This is where you will track your actual accrued spending. Once actual amounts are recorded you can use the “Differences” column to see where you need to evaluate.

Tip #2

Track your spending. A great way to track your spending is by actively using your Online Banking or mobile app, the Money Management Tool, and having personalized sub-accounts.

There is also a “Notes” section on this worksheet. This is a place to put your thoughts, or the differences that you see between your budget amount and actual amount. Put encouraging words in this location instead of negative ones. For example, if you noticed that you overspent on groceries you can put “If I buy only what I need I will waste less food and I can do better on spending at the grocery store!” or ” Eat a snack before going to the grocery store to prevent purchases that aren’t budget smart. I can do this!”

Tip #3

Keep your completed budget worksheet in a place that you can see it every day. That way you feel encouraged to continue your budget and can affirm why you are doing this. If it helps, you can put pictures of your goals around as an extra visual reminder to why budgeting it important to you.

Once you have completed a month, repeat this process monthly until you reach your goal. See where you can spend less and find out where you want to spend or place your money to reach those goals that we all deserve to achieve. One step at a time, you got this!

2018 Scholarship Winners!

scholarship winners

This year, we gave three scholarships, adding up to $5,000 to our members! Our selection committee looks for individuals that demonstrate strong academics or work record, leadership skills, and we put a heavy emphasis on “community service” as it aligns with our core values. We received over 15 impressive applications, but are proud to introduce our three selections:

Kasey La Foon is one of our scholarship recipients this year who really impressed us! She is in progress of getting her Masters in Social Work at the University of Nevada, Reno. She has stellar grades and also really makes an impact on our community. Kasey shared her experience with us as a victims advocate, and it sure was impressive. Keep up the great work, Kasey!

Ashlynne Valdez is another rockstar who recieved a scholarship from us this year. Ashlynne is going to be studying Political Science and Spanish at the University of Nevada, Reno. She also is involved with helping resolve the homelessness issue in the Reno area. She is truly inspiring. Good luck Ashlynne!

Nathan Rolshoven is another UNR student who we were proud to award with a scholarship this year. Nathan is studying Biology, and also got a stellar recommendation from his professor in his Chinese language and culture class! Wow! Nathan also volunteered many hours in Reno building the “Space Whale” in downtown Reno. Who knew that was built by volunteers? It sure brings something beautiful and inspiring into our town. Awesome job, Nathan!

A big ol’ CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s winners!