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About Great Basin

There are a couple of things you should really get to know about us here at Great Basin. One, we’re genuinely pretty nice folks. Two, we love our jobs. Three, we really like to help our members throughout their lives. However and whenever we can help, we will. We could go on and on about how it feels to be a part of the Great Basin family, but the best way to find out is to get started. Fill out an online application, call, chat, or come into a branch. We look forward to meeting you. Soon!

Mission, Vision, Values, & Service Promises

our mission and our vision

Our Core Values:

  • Culture: We nurture creativity, personal growth, and belonging.
  • Empowerment: We empower people to take control of their lives.
  • Relationships: We value our relationships and cultivate them in order to achieve common goals and mutual loyalty.
  • Education: We are committed to enriching the lives of others through education. Find resources here.
  • Community: We actively support our community through leadership, participation, and financial commitment. Check out more!
  • Knowledge: We know our members and community so well, we anticipate their needs and deliver incredible value when, where, and how they want it.

We promise to:

  • Act with integrity and professionalism.
  • Be knowledgeable, accurate, and efficient.
  • Take ownership. Find a solution. Follow through.
  • Do more than expected. Impress someone
  • Show appreciation.
  • Step in someone else’s shoes. Be aware of their feelings and understand their perspective.

Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of members of the credit union. The Board is responsible for the oversight and direction of Great Basin’s business to ensure that the long-term interests of its member-owners are being served. The Board’s primary responsibilities are the setting of the mission, vision, and values; approving and setting risk management standards to assure financial safety and soundness; and reviewing and approving strategic plans, budget and business plans. For information on this year’s Board elections, please click below. You can also contact us anytime to learn more. 

2021 Board Elections


Great Basin Federal Credit Union has been a member of the community since our charter on January 11, 1951. What began as a 50 member credit union for Reno-Bell Phone Company employees has grown to a community chartered credit union serving over 20,000 people. Our philosophy of building personable relationships with our members still remains a core value to the board members and staff.

For a little glimpse into our history, take a look at this short interview with the charming Jack Dunn – one of the founding members and first President of the credit union:

Annual Report

As an owner of Great Basin Federal Credit Union, you have access to the financial statements of your credit union. Listed below are the annual financial statements for the past several years.





Annual Meeting Videos

2020 brought with it the COVID Pandemic. It forced us to hold “virtual meetings” in lieu of our in-person celebrations. However, it also forced us to make a pretty cool video highlighting some great accomplishments. Heck, maybe we will keep making these videos even after we start meeting in person again! These are fun! Enjoy!

2020 Video




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