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Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks


For so many of my clients, Thanksgiving Day is the most anticipated family day of the year. But for those tasked with hosting or co-hosting, it can also be the most stressful.

I recently came across some unique tips for meal preparation that can help drastically reduce your stress level and your time in the kitchen. So I’m sharing seven tips and tricks that will hopefully bring you luck while preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Use a cooler for a mini fridge. Who doesn’t run out of room in their fridge on a normal day, let alone on the biggest meal prep day of the year? So dust off your cooler and place all of the space-monopolizing items from your fridge that you do NOT need this Thanksgiving (like smears, dressings, condiments, you name it) and give them a new, short-term home in your ice-filled cooler.
  2. Use cabinets as recipe stands. There’s no time for flipping back and forth through pages of cookbooks or risking spills on expensive smartphones and tablets. Print off your recipes and tape them to the insides of your kitchen cabinets! They’ll be at eye-level, can be placed in order of your prep needs and will be out-of-sight when cabinets are closed.
  3. Use your local salad bar for chopped ingredients. No one has to know who cleaned and chopped your ingredients! Eliminate hours from your recipe prep time by swinging by your local grocery store’s salad bar and stocking up on items your recipes call for, such as chopped onions, bacon, hard boiled eggs, and trimmed beans.
  4. Use your dishwasher as a potato cleaner. Yes, you heard that right – but make sure you don’t add soap. Since cleaning potatoes can take a chunk of time out of your busy day, you can place your potatoes on the top rack of your dishwasher and run a rinse cycle. 
  5. Use your slow cooker as a mashed potato warmer. With all of your stove top burners locked in as prime real estate, why not transfer the mashed potatoes (once they are completed) to your slow cooker to keep them warm and fluffy. Butter the pot, pour in a little heavy cream, add your potatoes and stir once every hour.
  6. Use your thermos as a gravy warmer. Note everything I said in number five except it’s gravy in your thermos! If your thermos is good enough for coffee and soup, it can surely handle this. 
  7. Use chicken broth to revive a dry turkey. There’s nothing more disappointing than an overcooked, dry turkey. But don’t panic! Warm chicken broth drizzled on top can instantly help moisten it and bring it back to proper serving temperature.

I  hope that by trying one or all of these tips it’ll make everything run a bit more smoothly. If you have unique ways of preparing your big meal, I’d love to add them to this list.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

All the best,

Steve Lindquist


Steve Lindquist 
Financial Consultant
9600 S McCarran Blvd
Reno, NV 89523 
(775) 789-3140

Steve Lindquist is a registered representative offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC a Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor.  Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Registered address: 9600 S McCarran Blvd., Reno NV 89523.

Investments are not deposits; not FDIC/NCUSIF insured; and not insured by any federal government agency.  No credit union guarantee.  May lose value.


Kids Free San Diego

Have you ever taken a trip to San Diego, California? It’s such a fantastic vacation destination with a number of attractions to visit. Thanks to our partners at Get Away Today, we get to share some incredible travel deals you can take advantage of this October.

Kids Free San Diego

In honor of the debut of many attractions in San Diego, you can enjoy free admission for kids when you visit during October. Kids Free San Diego is a great way to vacation on a budget.

Kids Free San Diego – Attractions

Kids Free San Diego grants free admission to the following attractions during October 2019:

Kids Free San Diego – Details

Experience scenic, sunny San Diego this fall in a variety of ways, all at a discount when you book with Get Away Today. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you make plans to travel to destinations included in Kids Free San Diego.


  • Free admission in October for kids ages 3 – 9 with at least one paying adult.
  • Electric Eel – This thrilling roller coaster reaches speeds up to 60 mph. Experience twists, drops and backwards movements on SeaWorld’s tallest and fastest coaster (54 inches and taller).
  • Manta – Feel like you’re floating through the ocean as gracefully as a manta ray. Experience speed, loops and twists! (48 inches and taller)
  • Tidal Twister – Hop aboard the roller coaster that offers upside-down loops and 30mph speeds along a figure 8 track (48 inches and taller).
  • Journey to Atlantis – Climb aboard this water coaster that features speed and splashes (42 inches and taller).
  • Abby’s Sea Star Spin – Fun for smaller guests, this spinning ride is themed after Abby, everyone’s favorite Sesame Street fairy (42 inches and taller).
  • Elmo’s Flying Spin – Soar gently through the sky on one of Elmo’s flying creatures (48 inches and taller)..
  • Shipwreck Rapids – Get soaked on the rapids of this winding river during refreshing family fun (42 inches and taller).
  • Orca Encounter – If you love live shows, check out the Orca Encounter and see these fantastic animals and learn about their lives in the wild.
  • Sea Rescue – To date, SeaWorld has rescued 31,100 sea animals. You can learn about sea animal rescue efforts during this show.
  • Fireworks – Check the SeaWorld calendar during your visit for firework showtimes.
  • Aquariums – Marvel at the wonders of sea life in a number of aquariums at SeaWorld.
  • Halloween Spooktacular – Weekends during October, enjoy trick-or-treating in SeaWorld from 2:30pm until the park closes. There are also live shows, a parade and more to celebrate Halloween.

San Diego Zoo

  • Free admission in October for kids ages 3 – 9 with at least one paying adult.
  • Botanical Tours – You can take a take a self-guided tour through botanical gardens. Or hop onto the bus for a scheduled tour at 2pm on select dates.
  • Wild About Animals Show – 3pm daily you can attend this show and meet the Zoo’s head honchos, their animal ambassadors!
  • 4-D Theater – Showing daily, 4-D films offer a chance to sit down and enjoy some air condition. Check the San Diego Zoo calendar to see what’s showing during your visit.
  • Animal Encounters – There are dozens of animals to enjoy at the Zoo, including wolves, lemurs, monkeys and more.
  • HalGLOWeen – This event is hosted on select days in October, providing evening fun with acrobats, jugglers, treats and lots of lights.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

  • Free admission in October for kids ages 3 – 9 with at least one paying adult.
  • Caravan Safari – Enjoy 2 hours in the caravan with the potential to get up close to the animals and feed them. This Safari gives you a chance to learn more about Asian and African birds and mammals. Additional ticket required.
  • Cheetah Safari – Try to keep up with the cheetah on this 1 hour experience. See how fast it can go when lured by a decoy. Additional ticket required.
  • Cart Safari – Take an hour to learn more about African or Asian animals. Choose between the two, and learn more about the park’s history. Additional ticket required.
  • Jungle Ropes Safari – For ages 7 and up, the Jungle Ropes Safari provides thrills and adventure daily. Wearing a safety harness, you’ll belay, cross rope bridges and aerial tightropes. Which animal will you pretend to be? Additional ticket required.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Safari – Get behind-the-scenes insight of how the Safari Park cares for its animals. This experience is great for guests ages 3 and up. Additional ticket required.

In the Safari Park you can also enjoy animals and plants at your leisure. Walk through the Park and experience a taste of Africa or Asia, catching sight of tigers, elephants, birds and scenes from a rainforest.

Old Town Trolley

  • Free rides in October for kids ages 4 – 12 per paying adult.
  • Two-hour trolley ride through San Diego.
  • Narrated tour included 100 points of interest over 30 miles.
  • Stops including Old Town, Seaport Village, Horton Plaza, Coronado, San Diego Zoo and El Prado in Balboa Park.

USS Midway

  • Free admission in October for kids ages 6 – 12.
  • Flight Deck exhibit
  • Hangar Deck exhibit
  • Aircraft Gallery
  • Remembrance Wall
  • Battle of Midway movie
  • Flight simulator

Book Now and Enjoy Kids Free San Diego

With October here, we suggest booking with Get Away Today now. Hotels in San Diego will fill up, and you can enjoy savings on accommodations when you book a Southern California vacation package with Get Away Today. View all San Diego options at or call a travel specialist at 855-GET-AWAY. Mention Great Basin Federal Credit Union when you book, and a donation will be made Children’s Miracle Network at no additional cost to you.

Three Key Steps for Female Entrepreneurs

Hi from your Financial Consultant, Steve!

I recently learned that women launch and lead businesses at a rate five times faster than the national average. Women are also majority owners of nearly 40% of the country’s businesses, up from 29% in 2007.1

However, for many entrepreneurs, building an equally strong personal financial plan sometimes takes a back seat to building their business. This guide from Brighthouse Financial outlines three of the most vital issues to consider in creating a successful personal financial plan.

I hope for both your professional and financial success. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this email further, please feel free to contact me at 775-789-3140.

I also invite you to join us for our free “Let’s Talk: Women in Small Business” seminar on Thursday, October 16th. Details here!

All the best,

Steve Lindquist


Steve Lindquist 
Financial Consultant
9600 S McCarran Blvd
Reno, NV 89523 
(775) 789-3140

Steve Lindquist is a registered representative offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC a Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor.  Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Registered address: 9600 S McCarran Blvd., Reno NV 89523.

Investments are not deposits; not FDIC/NCUSIF insured; and not insured by any federal government agency.  No credit union guarantee.  May lose value.

1The State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, American Express OPEN & Womenable, 2016

Our Story

Our Story

As a credit union, we can be rather humble about what we do in our jobs day to day. We know that we help people through some of the toughest times of their lives, but it’s just what we do.

You might think I am being dramatic. The toughest times? What does that have to do with my credit union or bank? Well, a lot! Money has a seriously big role in your life when you think about it. Maybe you live paycheck to paycheck, or maybe you don’t have enough money saved for a big emergency. A good example of this came from a story someone once told me about how your finances affect your health. The story went something like, “a man was at the doctor for high blood pressure. The doctor told him to reduce his stress. The man, let’s call him Greg, said, ‘If you want me to have less stress then pay my electricity bill.’” This story really put it into perspective for me, because he was right! Money can be one of the most stressful parts of your life. So much so that it can literally affect your health.

We want to help people like Greg. Or those people that really need a loan in a crisis situation. Or a long-time member who just can’t make their payment this month because of a life event. We hope to have that relationship with you and be a part of your life. We want to help you achieve your dreams! That’s why we believe it’s so much better to belong than just bank.

Credit unions were originally created to serve the under-served.  In the early 1900’s, “people were poor, interest rates were financially crippling, and the credit union offered a way out.” The idea was that “a person’s desire to repay (character) would be considered more important than the ability (income) to repay; they were, after all, borrowing their own money and that of their friends1” who were the other members of the credit union.

Here at Great Basin, we love what we do, and we love being able to help those members who maybe don’t stand a chance at a big bank where the rates really can be crippling. We care about our members, we are more flexible with policies, and we believe in those 100+ year old credit union philosophies!

Here is a story about a real member whose changed by coming through our doors. These are the members that remind us of the bigger picture and why we do what we do.

Note: names have been changed for the purpose of anonymity.

“As I sit to write-up this success story, I hesitate, unsure of how to begin. The story is interlaced with such profound grief that it feels strange calling it a “success story,” and, yet, it really is a success; we helped a member coping with the tragic loss of his son bear his hardship.

The sad story started months ago when our member, Joe, began having unexplained seizures. The doctors were unsure of the cause, so they began running tests in an attempt to find answers and help Joe. Unfortunately, at the same time that he was undergoing these tests, Joe‘s life started to crumble along with his health. His license was revoked, due to his medical situation, and the loss of his job followed. Then tragically, while home alone one evening, Joe had a seizure. He fell, fatally hitting his head, not to be found until days later.

Joe had been a member with Great Basin for some time, and along with his accounts with us, he held a loan for a motorcycle, a cherished Harley. Joe had fallen behind on his Harley payments after the loss of his job. During that period, our collections department did everything they could in an attempt to help him keep the motorcycle, understanding the health problems he faced.

Shortly after Joe’s death, his father came into Sparks Crossing and spoke with Audrey, the branch manager. Audrey had known Joe personally, so this was a difficult conversation for her. However, it was both her kindness and the knowledge she had of Joe that helped to assuage the feelings of grief the father felt for his son. During their conversation, the father expressed his desire to keep Joe’s motorcycle if he could, as the bike had meant so much to his son he didn’t want to part with it. Audrey discussed the options with him, and she then reached out to the collections department to explain the situation. Thanks to them, he is working to keep his son’s motorcycle, and he is grateful.

Additionally, Joe also had a truck loan with another Credit Union, and we were able to approve the father for a personal loan so that he could pay off that loan and refinance the truck with us. He is forever thankful that we were able to put ourselves in his shoes and do everything we could to help him during this tragic time.

In fact, in gratitude, he came back a week after getting his personal loan with us to move all of his accounts to GB from US Bank. I was lucky enough to sit down with him recently and open these accounts and take his application for an advance line of credit. The appreciation that he had for the kindness and understanding he had been shown at Great Basin was apparent. He is still mourning the terrible loss, but we did help him feel less alone in his grief.

We deal in transactions here at Great Basin, but it’s important for us to always remember that our members are people and it is our relationships with them that make our credit union special.”

This is just one story in the scope of our entire story, and we can’t wait to share more. 

hearts made from hands

The Impeccable Irene


The Impeccable Irene

Meet the Impeccable Irene! In September, she has worked at Great Basin Federal Credit Union for 10 years! We asked her to take a minute out of her busy day in the loan department to tell us all a little about herself.

Favorite movie: Too many, I love Disney movies and cute romantic comedy movies.

Favorite thing to snack on while working: I can eat fresh fruits all day long, my favorite are cherries and mangoes, yum!

Last song that you listened to: I have been listening to oldies, last song was “never never gonna give you up” by Barry White.

Favorite part about working at Great Basin: I love how small and local we are, we are like a big family.

When I was little, I wanted to be: Famous singer or an actress. Even though I can’t sing, haha!  

Favorite pastime: Cooking, spending time with my family, hiking, I’m a home buddy I love being home 😊.

Little known fact/fun fact about me: I enjoy travelling with my husband. We have been to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Cancun, Dominican.

Aren’t we lucky to have a gal like Irene.

Congratulations to Irene on this huge accomplishment! Here’s to 10 more great years!