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Card Management

Take Control of Your Visa Credit & Debit Cards

Lost or misplaced your Great Basin FCU debit or credit card? Notice unusual activity on your card? Card Management allows you to receive real-time alerts when your credit or debit card is used and to turn them on and off in seconds with a simple tap right in your Great Basin mobile app or in online banking on your desktop.*

Card Management also allows you to personalize the types and frequency of your alerts, and even block transactions based on:

  • Merchant type, like travel, restaurants and gas stations
  • Transaction type, like Mail/Phone Order, ATM, and Online
  • International, like foreign merchants
  • Spending Limits, to either block or send alerts at selected transaction amounts

By default, all of your cards are turned ON, however, alerts by default are NOT enabled for all transactions; you can set these up and manage alerts to your preferences.

Here’s How You Can Get Started with Card Management

  • Login to online banking or download the Great Basin FCU mobile app
  • Select the “Card Management” option

It’s that simple! From there, you’ll have the power to turn your cards on and off (and back on again), set merchant and transaction alerts, spending limits and so much more!


Never stress about misplacing your cards again. Explore all the features and functionalities of Card Management below:

Card List

The main Card Controls screen will display your debit and/or credit card(s) with the On/Off status of each card. Each card can be identified by the last 4 digits of your card.

You can also click on each card and select, "Change Nickname" to customize the names of your cards to more easily tell which is which if you have multiple debit or credit cards listed in your Card Management tool.

Card On/Off

When the card is turned ON, you can use it to make purchases and other normal transactions. When the card is turned OFF, one-time transactions using your card or card number will be blocked. Recurring transactions will still process even when your card is turned OFF.

To turn your card ON/OFF, simply tap on the toggle to set your desired card status. Changes to your card status are instant, so you are in control of when your card may be used.

Report Card Lost or Stolen

Avoid unwanted transactions on your debit or credit card if it goes missing by reporting them lost or stolen within the Card Management Tool.  We'll immediately block any attempted transactions on your card and issue you a replacement as soon as possible! We'll either mail you your replacement card, or you may pick it up in person at any Great Basin Branch.

If you believe fraud has occurred on your account, please let us know when reporting your card lost or stolen and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.


Set Travel Alerts

Going out of town? If we detect activity on your card from an unusual location, your card may be declined. To prevent this, set travel alerts in Card Management to let us know where you'll be heading and we'll make sure your card is ready to go!

Change Nickname

You can also click on each card and select, "Change Nickname" to customize the names of your cards to more easily tell which is which if you have multiple debit or credit cards listed in your Card Management tool.

Send Alerts For

By default, alerts are enabled for All Transactions. If you do not want to receive Alerts for every transaction, you can change your preference to Preferred Transactions or Blocked Transaction Only. To help protect your account we will always send an alert if you are blocking transactions and one is attempted. If you receive an alert on transactions that you did not authorize please contact us immediately.

Alert Delivery Options

The Alert delivery options screen allows you to customize how you receive your card alerts. If you have Push Notifications and Text Message Banking enabled then all delivery options will be turned ON. If you do not want to receive an alert to that option, simply toggle OFF the method you want to stop receiving alerts for that card. At least one delivery option must be enabled for each card.

If an option to enable Push Notifications does not display, you can enable them by accessing your mobile app’s menu and going to Settings. Once in the Settings menu you can enable Push Notifications by clicking on the link. The Push Notification screen will allow you set up other account alerts such as balance reminders. Once Push Notifications are enabled, please return back to your Card Alerts and Control screen. If you access the Alert Delivery Options you will now see the toggle to enable Push Notifications for Card Alerts.

If an option to enable SMS Text Alerts does not display, you can enable them by logging into Online Banking and clicking on Additional Services and Alerts & Text Banking. The Alerts and Notifications screen will allow you to set up phone numbers, emails, and set up other account alerts such as balance reminders. Follow the onscreen prompts for adding your phone number for Text Message Banking. Once Text Message Banking is enable, please return back Card Management in Online Banking or in your mobile app and access the Card Alerts and Control screens. If you access the Alert Delivery Options you will now see your phone number has been added along with a toggle to enable SMS Text Alerts for Card Alerts.

What Types of Controls and Alerts Can I Set?




*To personalize your Card Management settings, tap on the Alerts and Control Preference button for each card. You can change the Alerts default setting of All Transactions to your preferences by Merchant Type, Transaction Type, Location Type or Spend Limits. Additionally you can block select transactions from these same 4 categories.  Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier. To report fraud, use the Report Lost/Stolen option on the main Card Management screen; you can also choose to have a replacement card sent to you. Turning off your card in Card Management only prevents the card from being used as long as it is turned off.


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