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Making Solar Simple

Did you know your energy costs just went up by nearly 8%? Avoid escalating utility rates for the next 25+ years by adding a solar system to your home. 

As a homeowner, making the switch to solar is a big decision! We’re here to help. With a Solar Loan from Great Basin, you can borrow up to $75,000 for up to 180 months and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a low, fixed rate, fixed term, and fixed loan amount. Click here for current rates and terms. 

Interested in adding solar but aren’t sure where to start? Reach out to your local DelSol Energy advisor today at (775) 800-4890 or visit to request your free quote today! del sol logo




Solar Energy: True or False

False: You can get free solar energy at no cost to you.

  • Like most things in life, solar energy is not free. Any honest solar installer with be upfront about the costs you will incur over time.

False: If you buy a larger system, you can sell the excess power back to the utility company.

  • An experienced installer will build you a system sized for your specific demands. Anything producing more than what a household expects to use is a cost to the consumer.

False: Once you have solar, you will never pay an electrical bill again.

  • After adding solar, typically there will be a charge to be connected to the grid every month followed by a true-up bill at the end of your 12-month cycle. If your system is sized properly to offset 100% of your electricity you should not have to owe anything to the utility.

False: Hurry and sign an electronic tablet. Time is running out!

  • An honest solar advisor will not rush you to sign anything without understanding your overall solar needs, answering all your questions and provided you the time to review all documents before signing.

False: Once you add solar to your home, you will be off-grid and free from the utility company.

  • While the idea of going off-grid may be attractive to some people, it is extremely costly and different from grid-tied and net metered solar. Most solar systems are tied to the grid and still require the utility connection.

False: You will have unlimited power during power outages.

  • You can always add a battery storage system to ensure your home has a constant backup supply. It is important to research which batteries will best suit your needs.

Solar Energy Q & A

Is my roof suitable for rooftop solar?

The most important thing to consider is the condition and age of your roof. Ask your solar advisor or roofer to inspect your roof prior to installing a system. Ideally a south-facing roof is a perfect candidate for solar. East and west facing roofs also provide ample solar power production year-round. Sometimes trees and other fixed structures cast shade onto roof surfaces. In that case, shading will play a role in the final design of your solar system. New solar technology and design tools help minimize shading on the panels when properly designed and installed by an experienced solar company. 

Have I made my home as energy efficient as possible?

It is wise to conduct an energy analysis of your home windows, HVAC system, insulation and appliances. By reducing your energy usage, you can reduce the size of the solar system you need.  Ask your Solar Energy Advisor for a free home energy inspection.  

Do I plan on any lifestyle changes after adding solar?

One of the most important players before sizing a system to your home is considering all possible changes to your future lifestyle and energy usage. Those include whether you will run your air conditioning more, add an electric vehicle or spa or if there will be any additions to the family size. All these scenarios can help determine the correct size of your solar system.

Member will receive a 25-basis point discount from the traditional Fixed Equity rate. Maximum CLTV is 85.00%. Members can apply for this loan to purchase and install a Solar Panel System. Member must provide an invoice or pricing proposal to confirm this is a new installation. The loan amount will be for the full amount shown on the invoice and will be payable upon completion to solar provider of the installation. Offer not valid on previously purchased or leased systems. Membership open to those who live, work, worship, own a business or attend school in Washoe County. A minimum $25 is required in Primary Savings for the life of the account; this is your share of ownership in the credit union.



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