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Great Basin Employees Shine!

Jaycyn Ruiz is the May Loan Builder!
Jaycyn is the Member Service Representative at the Northwest Branch. She interacts with many members and non-members each day. Through those interactions she is able to provide them with information about our variety of great loans and loan rates. Loans help the credit union grow; which in turn allows the credit union to give back to our members. Please congratulate Jaycyn when you see her and ask her about a loan.

Jolene Hussey is the June Shining Star!
Jolene is the Loan Department Assistant Manager she works very closely with the car dealerships to ensure our members get the best deals. Thank you for taking the initiative to build those relationships.

Irene Ruiz is the June Loan Builder!
Irene is the Member Service Representative at the Sparks Crossing Branch. She worked very closely with the loan department to provide our members with loans that would benefit them.

Jeni Adams is the July Loan Builder!
Jeni is the Assistant Branch Manager at the Sparks Crossing Branch. Jeni worked with our partners at Enterprise to help find our members their dream cars. Enterprise has a great program and offers low prices for gently used cars.

No shame in couponing!

I know people who won’t use a coupon for a restaurant because it’s “embarrassing” or seems “cheap”. Unless you are trying to impress your new date, don’t hold back. Restaurants put these out to DRAW your business, so use them! I am a Flowing Tide “buy one entree get one entree free” junkie. If I don’t have a coupon, I will still have my hankering for sweet potato fries and end up heading there anyway. There are convenient locations to my home and work so you don’t have to ask me twice! The coupons are a win-win. Here are some tips when couponing:

  1. Read the small print. Sometimes they are only good Monday-Friday or for certain meals, certain locations and watch for the expiration date.
  2. Present the coupon when you order. This will give the server a chance credit your bill properly and to let you know of any issues up front so there aren’t any problems when it is time to pay.
  3. Tip on the amount of the bill it would have been if you had paid full price. They still did their job for the free dish.
  4. Keep them in your car so they are right at your fingertips when the hunger pangs strike!

Hello, My Name is Mandie and I AM a Shop-a-holic

“Hi, Mandie”… ok so I have a shopping problem, it has started to get me into trouble, my credit cards are slightly maxed (I Swear I am trying to fix that!). So I decided to be my own personal support system  (unless there really is a shop-a-holics anonymous??  Anyhoo, thought I would share some tips I found….

1) FREEZE YOUR CREDIT CARDS: I put my credit cards in a bowl of water and stuck those bad boys in my MOM’S freezer, so that if I am tempted to do an impulse buy I have to wait for it to thaw out (microwave will ruin the mag strip).

2) ENVELOPES TO HELP BUDGET: This is something I found on Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman’s websites… set out a budget for the month (or the couple of weeks after pay day) create a couple of envelopes with the e on what you have to spend it on. for example, my best friend’s wedding is this next week and I’m paying to have her makeup done, so I have an envelope set aside with $55 cash in it. I also have one with $100 in it for groceries, so I’m trying not to use my debit card as much.

3) Dave also suggested saving up for a “rainy day fund” how to do this is to pay the minimum balance on all your cards until you have at least $1000 saved up to put in an acct that you can’t touch unless it is an emergency (I am doing something like this but instead of a rainy day fund at the moment it is going to my vacation fund… )

ANYWAY~ just thought I would share some of those tips.. I hope they help me out.