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And the survey says…


While driving to work the other day, I heard a couple of DJs discussing the results of a recent survey.  According to this survey, 43% of those who file federal income taxes feel that the current tax code is fair.  They went on to say that around 20% of those surveyed felt taxes should in fact be higher.  Upon hearing this I had to laugh because earlier that morning I saw a statistic showing that 45% of individuals who file federal income taxes actually pay no federal income tax.  In fact, many of those individuals receive money back in excess of what was withheld.  I couldn’t help but think that those must have been the individuals who felt our current tax code is fair.  I’m also pretty certain that many of them would have no problems advocating for higher taxes, seeing how they pay none.  While I don’t want to use this blog to express my political views, I think it exposes many of the problems with surveys.  Unless one knows all of the circumstances surrounding those being surveyed, the results mustn’t be taken too literally.