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Meet Your Ne-va-duh Legislators


Everybody, meaning Nevada Everybodies, knows that Nevada is different and we take just a little pleasure in doing things…differently. Like the Ne-vah-duh versus Ne-va-duh thing. One of the coolest things unique to the Silver State is our civilian legislature and the fact they are really pretty normal folks. Our state legislators meet every other year for 120 days (yup, sometimes longer), but then they return to their day jobs to pay the mortgage. You’d be surprised just how little they get paid for the time they have to invest. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many of the Northern Nevada legislative candidates and legislators and I’m always appreciative of how accessible they are, even during the legislative session. It’s a very common thing to be able to walk right into their office in the Legislative Building and meet and talk to them about any concern or item of interest you may have. Over the past several election cycles, Nevada credit unions have sponsored Candidate Meet and Greets to allow our members to get to meet the candidates who will be dealing with the issues of the State. We are again inviting our members to meet the candidates running for Assembly and Senate seats around the Reno/Sparks area. It’s to be held at the Atlantis Hotel Casino 2nd floor Convention Rooms on Wednesday, August 22nd, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. I invite you to meet your potential assemblyman or senator. You’ll be pleasantly surprised…they speak American and are really nice people who are very approachable and interested to hear from the voters they want to represent. This is a very cool thing we do in Nevada and I hope you appreciate it. Please come and visit.






Appetizers will be served. Free raffle entry.

Contact Anthony Rodriguez at 775.334.3151 to attend this no-cost event.

Something Smells “Phishy”


We have had several members contact us in the last few days because they received a telephone call from “their financial institution” informing them their debit card has been compromised.  The caller asks our member for their card number and other identifying information explaining that they can help our member obtain a new card. As consumers, we all know not to give our information to just anyone, and in hindsight a scam like this seems so easy to detect. Certainly a caller from your actual financial institution would already have your card number and information, right? But these scams must be working on someone or the fraudsters would quit trying. The caller can sound very convincing: “Hello, this is Jennifer from your financial institution, and I am calling because we received a report that your card information has been compromised.  Can you please verify some information for me so we can cancel that card and send you a new one?”

Don’t worry – getting this type of phone call does not mean that your personal information has already been compromised.  You’ll notice that they generally use easy-to-obtain or generic information to lure you in. This is not an uncommon scam and it can happen with a phone call or an email.  For more tips on how to not get “hooked” by a phishing scam, visit

We are so proud of our members!  Within a few hours, we had over a dozen members let us know that they had been contacted and NONE of them gave the information out!  That just means that our membership and our community is standing up to this type of crime.  Notice to fraudsters:  Take our members off of your call list!

Want to Retire Tomorrow?


I tell members they ­might be able to, but it depends on how much money they want to live on.  Some people prefer to work longer so they can have a higher income; others are willing to live on less if they can retire earlier.  That’s why financial planning is such an individual process.

Setting goals is the first most important step.  I worked with one member who needed to retire for health reasons but didn’t think he could until all his debts were paid off.  I helped him design an income plan in which he had a higher income until his debts were paid off and then lowered it for future years.  Another member wanted to retire early and thought he would use his 401k to pay off his house so he could live less expensively.  I showed him that he would pay so much in early withdrawal penalties and taxes it would use up his whole account.  Instead, we set up a monthly automatic withdrawal to pay his house payment and invested the rest of the funds for future growth.  Many members want a higher income stream early in retirement while they still have to pay for health insurance or want to do a lot of traveling.

So do you have enough to retire tomorrow?  It depends on what your goals are.  Get the clearest idea you can about what is most important.    If you are not ready, you’ll have to decide whether you want to retire later, live on less, save more, or some combination of the above.

Join us for a complimentary workshop on avoiding the “10 Most Common Retirement Mistakes” on Wednesday, February 29th at 5:30 p.m. This workshop will be held at the Main Branch. Please click here for details and to RSVP.

Betsy Dart is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM for the MEMBERS Financial Services programs located in Great Basin Federal Credit Union.   For more information on Betsy and her services, please click here.

Great Basin Blog Switches Things Up


Firstly, thank you to our loyal members and blog followers.  This blog is still in its infancy, but so far has been a lot of fun for us.  To this point, the blog posts have been provided by our Executive Team of three.  However, our employees have recently shown some interest in contributing as well.  With that said, we’d like to introduce our newly formatted and named “GB Blog”.  Posts will now include various topics and points of view from the executives to the tellers and employees that you deal with on a daily basis at our branches.  We hope you enjoy and feel free to interact!  Thank you!

Pigs Teaching Kids About Money?


Article taken from Credit Union Times – June 29, 2011

Fabian Fernandez-Han, at the age of 12, won the New York Stock Exchange Financial Future Challenge.

Fernandez-Han created the Oink-a-Saurus, a new iApp and interactive website. Designed to show kids how investment opportunities exist all around them, the app tracks web browsing and buying habits while providing an alternative option of what would happen if the money spent was saved or invested. Instead of just buying something, users can go from learning about the company that makes it, to buying and selling that company’s shares in a stock market simulator with the help of Pigger and Porky. The app includes a news service that provides teen-friendly stock market and investing information. In addition, “Oinkers” can head to the Mud Pit to discuss everything from learning more about something heard or read related to saving, investment or economics, to asking other Oinkers to weigh in on the pros and cons of a particular stock purchase. Upon registration, Oinkers enter information regarding their favorite brands, things to buy and favorite things to do. The app uses the responses to create a short list of publicly traded companies that may be of interest. For Fernandez-Han, an avid saver and investor with a 14% return during the recession, it’s been a dream come true to make finance fun and accessible.

Click here to visit the Oink-a-saurus website or simply search “Oink-a-Saurus” in iTunes or from the App Store on your iPhone.