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Hip Hip Hooray for Jay!

Meet Jaycyn. This month marks Jay’s 10 year anniversary with Great Basin Federal Credit Union! We asked her to take a minute out of her busy day as the e-Branch Manager to tell us all a little about herself.

  • Favorite part about working at Great Basin: “Helping employees grow and making sure they enjoy what they are doing!”
  • When I was little, I wanted to be: “A mermaid!”
  • Little known fact/fun fact about me: “I am deathly afraid of worms!”
  • Favorite thing to snack on while working: “Uhm today I have dried mangoes!”

Jay’s boss, Sarah, had this to say about her: “Jay loves to take on new challenges and finds value in seeking new ways to improve processes. She can be counted on to complete a task above what is expected of her. She loves her team and always finds the positive in a situation.”

Aren’t we all lucky to have a gal like Jay!

Congratulations to her on this accomplishment! Thank you for 10 great years. Here’s to many more!

Lucky to Have Lindsey!

Meet Lindsey. This Month, she has worked at Great Basin Federal Credit Union for 15 years! We asked her to take a minute out of her busy day in the Collections Department to tell us all a little about herself.


  • Last song that came on your iPod: I don’t have an iPod if you can believe it! But I love listening to podcasts on my iPhone! Criminal podcast is my absolute favorite, check it out!
  • Favorite book: The Help….loved the movie too but the book was an amazing read!
  • When I was little, I wanted to be: most people who know me know the answer to this, a police officer! I still do but I am a little more chicken now than I used to be.
  • What superhero would you be and why: I was named after Lindsey Wagner who was The Bionic Woman in the 70’s so I guess I would be her!


Lindsey’s boss, Dennis, had this to say about her: “Lindsey is a very experienced and knowledgeable Collection Manager who tries to do everything possible to help our members get through difficult periods.“

Aren’t we all lucky to have a gal like Lindsey!

Congratulations to her on this accomplishment! Thank you for 15 great years. Here’s to many more!

EMV Cards with Visa Chip Technology

emv card

It’s no secret that card fraud has become a big problem nationwide. Recently, there has been extra fraud alerts for the state of Nevada as a result of a high volume of recent fraudulent activity reports in the state. Fraud is occurring not because people are losing their wallets at an alarming rate, but rather the fraud is coming from hackers using transaction codes to find your credit card information and replicate it. One way to combat the fraud? EMV cards.

What is an EMV Card?

emv card

EMV card technology is a development in credit and debit cards that includes that little gold chip for increased financial security. EMV technology, which stands for EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa, is available in both contact and contactless credit cards.

EMV cards have been appearing in the recent years in the United States as well as other nations in the world. Within the next few years, it may be rare to find a credit card without an EMV chip.

Visa Chip Technology EMV Cards

EMV cards are available through a few different carriers around the world. Visa Chip Technology utilizes a rotating token so that each financial transaction is transmitted with a unique, one-time code required by the merchant.

Visa uses a Dynamic Passcode Authentication with their EMV cards to protect your credit card information. Using a code that changes with each transaction rather than an actual card number makes it much more difficult for hackers to track down financial information and create counterfeit cards for fraudulent activity.

Benefits of EMV Cards

emv card

EMV cards, also called smart cards or chip cards, are more secure than the traditional magnetic strip cards. The microprocessor chip protects the cardholder’s data during transactions.

If someone were to steal the physical card itself, you would still need to call your local bank or credit union to stop all activity on the card. The EMV microprocessing chip only protects you from data theft for now. As technology advances, there may be even more solutions available to prevent credit card fraud should your card be stolen.

What EMV Cards Mean for Businesses

There is an upcoming liability shift this year when it comes to in-person credit card fraud. If you own a business and are using a traditional point-of-sale system, you will want to migrate to a system that is more up-to-date and compatible with EMV cards. If a business does not make the migration within this year and credit card fraud takes place at the business, the liability and fraud costs could end up being that business’s responsibility.

EMV Cards at Great Basin Federal Credit Union

At Great Basin Federal Credit Union, we are giving our account holders upgraded EMV credit and debit cards with Visa Chip Technology. Though upgrading to EMV cards is a bit of an undertaking, at Great Basin Federal Credit Union we are committed to protecting your financial information. EMV credit cards are currently being sent out to our cardholders, and we will be distributing EMV debit cards later in the year.

Contact us today to learn more about how Great Basin Federal Credit Union is taking care of their account holders, including the EMV card update!