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The Core Account Story

The Core Account Story

When we came up with The Core Account and the Core logo, we were thinking about what core means to us as individuals and to the credit union as a whole.  Feelings like “strength”, “foundation” and “roots” came to mind.  We played with different images that symbolized “core” to us, like the human heart, the core of an apple and the seeds contained within that are the source of more growth.

Bristlecone Pine TreeThen the conversations and research led us to look a little closer to home.  To the great State of Nevada and the Great Basin.  After all, we are the largest truly local credit union in Washoe County.  In our research, we were reminded that Nevada is the home of the oldest tree in the world – the Bristlecone Pine.

It’s our state tree and is over 4,500 years old.  It can stay green for over 45 years.  There we had it.  The Bristlecone Pine.   A local icon symbolizing strength and longevity.  And that which holds the Bristlecone Pine up so strong is its trunk – its core.  Well, it didn’t get better than that, so we hired an artist (one of our very own Core members!) to draw up our vision.

Great Basin Federal Credit Union is deeply rooted in Washoe County.  We are strong.  We are old and have endured some of the most treacherous and the sunniest of times.  What has held us up throughout all seasons?  Our loyal members.  Our Core Members.

The idea behind a visual emblem is to evoke some sort of connection.  An emotion.  It’s nice to say, “This account has great benefits.” But a symbol can show our pride in being local.  It can convey the importance of our Core members to our existence. Great Basin Federal Credit Union is not for everyone; we recognized long ago that we cannot be everything to everyone.

What we can be GREAT at, however, is recognizing, rewarding and retaining loyal members.  Those people in our community who find value in such a structure will love The Core Account.

This is not to say that we do not appreciate and will not give the best service to ALL of our member-owners, but for those that want to show their commitment to the credit union, we’ll reward them with rate specials, more waived fees, and more free services.  It’s that simple.  To read about all the benefits and requirements of The Core Account, click here.

Great Basin Federal Credit Union’s goal is to serve our members by offering them great service, competitive rates, low fees and financial education.  More specifically, Core Account Logohowever, we aim to foster mutually beneficial and loyal relationships with all of our owners.

At Great Basin Federal Credit Union, we can return the most benefits to those members that find value in the fact that we offer the total package and choose us as their primary financial institution.  They are what make us strong therefore, they should be recognized.  This is what the The Core Account is all about.

Our Core Account structure is simple and achievable.  It caters to all life stages, whether someone is looking to borrow, is interested in earning more on their savings, or simply loves taking advantage of our electronic convenience services.  It’s not about how much money you have or don’t have, it’s about your overall relationship with the credit union.

To achieve The Core Account status, a member must simply maintain three or more active services.  At that point, you may enjoy the full benefits of The Core Account.  We continually evaluate The Core Account and may add even more benefits in the future.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!  Click here to see benefits and eligibility requirements of The Core Account.

In addition to the many benefits of The Core Account, we are also proud to offer you:

  • Free financial workshops all year long!  Click here to see our workshop schedule for the entire year.
  • Financial planning services!  Our experienced financial advisor listens to your needs and helps you draft a plan that best suits you and your family.  He specializes in answering questions about retirement, 401(k), pensions and other types of retirement plans. Ask us for a no-cost, no-obligation appointment today.  Click here for more information.
  • Free online resources for your convenience! We offer all members free online bill payment, free online banking, a free mobile app, and more!  Click here for more information.
  • Access to over 30,000 fee-free ATMs across the nation!  We are members of the Co-Op Network spanning the entire nation including all 7-11 store ATMs!  Use the locator on the left to find a surcharge-free ATM near you or look for the Co-Op symbol.
  • Personalized and local service with the credit union philosophy in mind!