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Disaster Prep

Disaster Preparedness

No matter what type of disaster we are faced with, Great Basin Federal Credit Union is ready! We have prepared and tested an extensive and effective disaster recovery plan and are ready to execute our plan at anytime.

In the event of either a credit union or regional disaster, please first reference our homepage at for details and updates. Should the disaster be enough to bring down our servers and website, please contact 1-877-CULOCATE.

Below are many ways that you may be able to access your funds at Great Basin Federal Credit Union in the event of a disaster. Please be aware, however, that in some regional disasters, our systems may be down and some or all of these access points may be unavailable for unknown amounts of time; in this case, you can call the number above for status updates.

Our business resumption and disaster plans address many possible “what-if” scenarios and our main goal is to be able to resume some level of business for our members to access account information, cash and even loans, regardless of the circumstances. Please keep this in mind and follow the many tips below so you too can do your part in preparing for a possible disaster.

Telephone Teller: Call toll-free at 1-800-545-4228 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
With Telephone Teller, you can:
  • Obtain current account balances
  • Verify checks that have cleared
  • Verify deposits
  • Withdraw funds from an account or make a loan advance from a line of credit
  • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Please have your account number and access code ready.

24 Hour Website Access:
Visit anytime, 24/7, to check website updates, view your accounts, get credit union updates, and access other secure sites. Our services include:
  • Online Banking – Free 24/7 real time access to all of your Great Basin FCU accounts. You can view deposits, withdrawals, and make transfers.
  • Bill Pay – Free 24/7 real time access to make payments, schedule payments, view pending payments, or obtain payment history.
  • eStatements – View your account statements from anywhere at anytime.
  • Online Loan Applications – Complete your application online in minutes, request a “loan by phone”, or download a loan application.

Other Convenient Services:
  • Visa® Debit Cards – 24/7 access to your funds anywhere VISA is accepted as well as within the Co-Op, Cirrus, or Star Networks. Your Visa Debit Card can be used as a signature-based transaction as well as a “Point of Sale” PIN based transaction. When you make purchases with your Visa Debit Card, the funds are automatically deducted from your Share Draft (Checking) Account. Your Visa Debit Card can also be used at ATM’s WOLRDWIDE within the VISA, Co-Op, Cirrus, or Star Networks to make cash withdrawals from your account(s) with the Credit Union. Visit the Co-Op Network to find a surcharge-free ATM near you (there are over 30,000 of them nationwide!).
  • Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction – Rest assured that your deposits will be made on time no matter where you are. Contact the credit union anytime to find out how to set up your direct deposit today.
Here are some other practical tips that can help you prepare should a local disaster strike.

Get Cash Early
During and after a disaster, power outages and downed communication lines can be a common occurrence. As a result, you may experience difficulty using credit, debit, and ATM cards so it’s always good to have an adequate supply of cash on-hand. To make sure you are prepared, don’t wait until the last minute to get your cash. As a storm or disaster approaches, businesses have to close in advance to protect the safety of their employees.

Order Checks
Make sure that you have enough checks to last two months, and take them with you if you evacuate, even if you rarely write checks. In the midst of a disaster, your payment habits may require change and by having your account information handy you can quickly authorize an important payment over the phone. If you should need more checks, you will have all of the information necessary so you can have additional checks printed, but we recommend that you plan ahead and have your checks printed before storm or disaster seasons arrive. Get more information about ordering checks here.

Debit, Credit & ATM Cards – Confirm Expiration Dates and PINs, and Activate Cards
Check the expiration dates on all of your plastic cards and make certain that dates are current and you have a valid card should you have to evacuate. Also, take a moment to locate your PINs and make certain that all of your cards have been activated. Be sure to successfully use each of your cards, at least once, before a disaster hits. You don’t want to learn after the fact that a card isn’t active or a PIN doesn’t work properly. If you don’t already have your Great Basin FCU credit and debit cards, apply today by phone or online. There’s no cost to apply and plenty to gain; especially if a disaster strikes and you need access to your accounts!

Sign Up for Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit gives you the confidence that, in most cases, your money will be in your account available for use when it is supposed to be, even if you are evacuated and a disaster disrupts mail service. With Direct Deposit you don’t have to wait on your check to arrive in the mail and you don’t have to worry about important deposit checks being lost, misplaced, or stolen – they are automatically deposited into your accounts. Plus, you never have to concern yourself with the hassle of having a missing deposit check reissued. Contact your employer and sign up for Direct Deposit today…it’s easy, it’s secure, and it’s FREE! Find our credit union routing information here.

Sign Up for Free Online Account Monitoring
During a disaster it is extremely important to have access to your account information. As long as you have internet access and our servers are not down, online account information is available, and it’s FREE, through Great Basin FCU’s Online Banking. With this service, you get real-time account information in a worry-free, secure environment. You can check balances, view account history, transfer funds between accounts, make payments online, and more. And you can do all of this, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, from any internet connection, anywhere. Once you’re signed up, you’ll never have to wonder if a deposit has been made or if a check has cleared. You’ll have real-time account information. And unlimited account access allows you to view your accounts as often as you like. So enroll online today and be prepared before a disaster strikes.

Sign Up for Free Online Bill-Pay
Bills are due regardless if a disaster strikes or not. Great Basin FCU’s Online Bill Pay service is a secure means to pay your bills during a disaster, and throughout the year (pending the disaster has not brought our servers down), and it’s FREE. With Online Bill Pay, payments get paid on-time according to your instructions; you control who is paid, when payments are made, and the amount of the payments. You have the option of initiating payments either one-time, now or in the future, or on a recurring schedule. Online Bill Pay is secure, easy, fast, on-time, online, and it’s FREE. So join the thousands of members who are already using Online Bill Pay by calling 775.333.4228, and be prepared for a disaster!

Sign Up for E-Statements
When a disaster strikes, mail service is typically disrupted especially when an evacuation occurs. To ensure that your account statements arrive on time, sign up for e-statements and start receiving your account statements online. They’re available to you through a secure link on our website and you can access them via any internet connection, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. E-Statements are the most secure way to receive your account statements year round so sign up by calling us at 775.333.4228 today! Plus, by enrolling in e-statements, you can eliminate a monthly checking fee!

30,000+ Surcharge-FREE ATM Locations Nationwide
Through CO-OP Network, members that have a Great Basin FCU Debit Card, have free account access at more than 30,000 ATMs nationwide. To find a location near you, use your GBMobile App, visit or text your location (address, intersection or zip code) to 692667 (MYCOOP) from any mobile phone or download the database of more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs directly to your GPS device. If you don’t already have a Great Basin FCU debit card, call 775.333.4228 or visit us today so you are prepared when you evacuate!

Telephone Teller
Telephone Teller allows convenient telephone account access 24-hours a day, 7 days a week…and it’s absolutely FREE! With Telephone Teller, you can get information and transact business on your accounts from any phone, cellular or land line. All you need is a touch-tone phone, your account number and your access code. To avoid any difficulties, locate your account number and access code, and successfully use Telephone Teller at least once to help prepare for a disaster. We want you to stay in touch with your finances if you have to evacuate! (In the event a disaster brings our servers and telecommunications offline, this service may not be available).

Pack Important Documents
Check expiration dates, copy, and pack…driver’s license or state issued identification card, birth certificate, Social Security card, insurance cards and policies (health, life, auto, homeowners, etc.), employer or school I.D., voter registration card, most recent account statements (deposit, checking, investment, credit cards, and loans), etc. – for you and all immediate family members. These documents will be needed if you, or a family member, have to prove your identity, claim benefits, make withdrawals, deposits, payments, or change account information. Make certain beforehand that all documents have valid expiration dates, and make copies (either photo or scanned) for storage in a safe place for easy access should you get separated from your documents. Pack documents in waterproof plastic bags and be prepared to take them with you if you have to evacuate!

Pack and Verify All Account Numbers, PINs, and Passwords
Before you find yourself away from home and unable to access your information, take a few moments to verify the account numbers, passwords, and PINs on all of your accounts; financial, insurance, and the like. It will be much easier to obtain this information under normal circumstances rather than while you are evacuated, after a disaster!

Pack and Verify Contact Phone Numbers and Website Addresses
Having the ability to contact financial institutions, insurance companies, employers, schools, and such are extremely important, especially if you are evacuated for an extended period of time. Be sure that you obtain accurate contact phone numbers and website addresses for any company that provides you with service. Pack and take this information with you so you are prepared if you have to evacuate!

Credit Union Emergency Contact Numbers:
  • Jennifer Denoo (President/CEO): 775.789.3115
  • Tony Lopez (CFO): 775.789.3139

Please visit the links below for additional information: