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An Update on Kasasa Products

50 dollar bill

It has been a few months since Great Basin Federal Credit Union introduced the Kasasa products like Kasasa Cash, Kasasa Cash Back, and Kasasa Tunes. We wanted to take a moment and let you know how it’s going!

A Refresher on Kasasa Products

kasasa tunes

Music lovers love Kasasa Tunes!

Kasasa products offer the benefits of a larger financial institution without you as an account holder losing the quality customer service of a local credit union. Kasasa accounts at Great Basin FCU are free, reward-based accounts that require no minimum balance in order to start earning rewards.

Kasasa Cash is a great high-interest checking account option to help you save money. Kasasa Cash Back is perfect for members who want rewards and use their debit cards frequently. Kasasa Tunes gives you rewards in the form of downloads on iTunes,, or Google Play. Kasasa Tunes is a great account choice for a music lover or app fanatic.

The Benefits of Kasasa Products

Nearly 1,000 of our credit union members at Great Basin FCU have switched to Kasasa accounts and started earning rewards each month for doing exactly what they had been doing before the switch! We love seeing our credit union members getting perks without having to even change how they use their money!

gbfcu kasasa accounts

What is even more exciting for us? So far, we have given back over $30,000 in cash rewards to our credit union members with Kasasa. We are elated to know our credit union members are reaping the benefits of these new financial products at Great Basin FCU!

Rewards with Great Basin FCU

At Great Basin Federal Credit Union, we want to provide a great experience for our credit union members and give back to the community. We continue to strive for improvement of the credit union experience and treating our members like people instead of account numbers.

Open up your Kasasa account at Great Basin Federal Credit Union today!


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