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Find Good Auto Loan Rates

auto loan rates Reno

Buying a car can be a big and exciting decision in your life. When preparing to purchase a car, there are some things to think about to find the right auto loan.

Great Basin Federal Credit Union offers loans for both new and used cars, as well as auto loan refinances, so you can choose a loan for your life’s needs and your budget. We can help you every step of the way, from auto loan pre-approval to auto loan advice and helping you improve your credit.

How to Get Good Auto Loan Rates

auto loan rates Reno

Here are tips and tricks to get the best auto loan rate.

Good auto loan rates are available if you know a few different tips and tricks to prepare yourself. For starters, your best deal on an auto loan rate may not necessarily be at the same place you get the vehicle. Make sure your lender is someone you trust, and remember to keep in mind the total cost of the auto loan over your lifetime.

Finding a good auto loan can be made easier with patience, persistence, research, and some good advice from your Credit Union.

What is an Auto Loan Pre-Approval?

When looking into auto loans and auto loan rates, you may stumble upon the term auto loan pre-approval. Going through the auto loan pre-approval process is a great option because it helps you understand how your finances match your auto purchase.

Going through the pre-approval process allows you to feel empowered when you go to the car lot. You have a better sense of what your real budget’s bottom line is, since the pre-approval helps you understand what your auto loan rate will look like.

Great Basin Federal Credit Union’s auto loan pre-approval lasts for 45 days, so you can take the time to find the car that is right for you and fits your budget!

What To Look For in Auto Loans and Rates

When shopping around for auto loan rates, you will want to find make sure your auto loan and your potential car choice are in the same monetary range. If you are looking for a car and what is a good price to pay for it, Kelley Blue Book is a great resource.

You will also want to take into consideration your timeline for how long you would like your auto loan to be active. A loan term is frequently dependent upon the amount financed, so keep this in mind before you make your financial commitment.

Low Rate Auto Loans

auto loan rates Reno

Get a great auto loan rate at Great Basin Federal Credit Union!

Great Basin Federal Credit Union is currently offering an low auto loan rate of 2.55% APR. This great auto loan rate is available not only to buy new or used cars, but this auto loan rate is also available for anyone interested in moving their current auto loan over to Great Basin Federal Credit Union.

This low auto loan rate offered by Great Basin Federal Credit Union is not only for purchasing new and used vehicles, but it is also used to help people refinance current auto loans. If you currently carry an auto loan with an unmanageable loan rate, we can help.

Contact us to learn more about our limited-time low auto loan rate today!


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