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Mobile Banking

mobile banking Reno

With our phones always by our sides, our phones have become our new wallets. Mobile banking has developed in recent years with technological advances, and now many people go to their phones first for their banking needs instead of taking a trip to a local branch.

Mobile banking provides a convenient option for those times when you need to check your balance before an important purchase, or you want to pay bills while waiting in that super fun line at the DMV.

Before You Go Mobile

Not all mobile banking apps are created equal, so make sure you know the quality of the offerings with your credit union or bank. Make sure their option is safe and easy to use. Check with your provider to ensure that their mobile banking app choice keeps your personal and financial data secure.

Mobile Banking with Great Basin Federal Credit Union

mobile banking Reno

Great Basin Federal Credit Union offers a free mobile banking app so you can accomplish all your banking needs on the go. GBMobile allows users 24/7 access to their accounts. Mobile banking helps you when you don’t have the chance to stop by a branch during business hours. With mobile banking, you can do your banking transactions when and where you want.

Using a mobile device, anyone can check the balance and transaction history, pay bills, and transfer money. The GBMobile mobile banking app also features a branch locator and a fee-free ATM locator. Great Basin not only offers free mobile banking, but they also help you find ways to save money by minimizing service fees.

Secure Banking on Your Smart Phone

Great Basin Federal Credit Union’s mobile banking app provides extra security for high-risk transactions. Great Basin Federal Credit Union uses Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, encryption to communicate securely through all mobile service providers. These security measures block unauthorized access and protect your data, no matter how you access your accounts.

Using Mobile Banking for Deposits

mobile banking Reno

In the fledgling days of mobile banking, the apps available were only helpful for checking your balance or transferring funds from one account to another. Now, with the new GBDeposit, Great Basin Federal Credit Union’s mobile banking app also allows you to deposit checks using mobile banking.

With GBDeposit, you can scan and deposit checks from your mobile device, which saves you a trip to the ATM or a local branch if. You will also be able to view copies of your checks for review and peace of mind on your mobile device.

Mobile Banking for Apple & Android Devices

The Great Basin Federal Credit Union mobile banking app is available to Apple and Android users alike. GBMobile is available for download through the iTunes Store and Google Play for your iPhone™, iPad™, iPodⓇ Touch, or Android device!

Banking Mobile with Apple Pay

Great Basin Federal Credit Union is helping you with all of your mobile banking needs by also participating in Apple Pay. Another program that enables mobile banking, Apple Pay is a safe and reliable way to make purchases. Chose your Great Basin card as your default card on Apple Pay today!


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