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Babies & Money

babies & money tips

Lining up new outfits, getting the nursery ready for long nights lots of snuggling, packing just the right toys in the diaper bag… everything about the new baby process is a new, exciting step. The flip side, of course, is that with a bundle of joy comes a bundle of expenses. Enter anxiety and fear. We at GB have lots of mamas, papas, aunties, uncles, and grandparents that have learned a lot over the years, so we compiled our favorite baby & money tips to help. Enjoy!


  • Every birthday I write a personal letter to each grandchild and put money in a savings account for them. When they turn 18, I will give them the letters and money.  –Brettine 
  • Start a savings account for your baby. As little as $10 per check grows into $240 a year which is over $3,800 by the time they’re 16  – a great down payment for that first car or help with braces, sports, prom, etc. It’s also a good place for money relatives like to give for birthdays and holidays. –Juleen


  • Make a plan for expenses while on leave, and plan for how your budget will change. If your credit union offers skip a payments, save it for this time to give some breathing room. -Lindsey
  • For new furniture, keep the end game in mind. A changing table and crib will last you a couple years, but a dresser used as a changing table and a crib that converts to a bad will last you years. -April and Elisabeth


  • Shop ahead for a good supply diapers, wipes, formula – especially when they’re on sale. Experiment with store brand and the savings there could add up quick. -Lindsey and Sarah
  • Don’t buy anything full price – the items you’re looking at are sure to go on sale sometime in the next 9 months. Plus, depending on where you register, you’ll receive a coupon for a % off of everything that you didn’t get on your registry. -April
  • Take the hand-me downs that friends and family are giving. Don’t buy a lot of newborn or 3 months; they really go through quickly. Consider getting gently used clothes from secondhand stores – they’ll get trashed with all the playing anyways! –Lindsey and Elisabeth
  • Don’t buy them too many toys! You’ll get a lot as gifts. Plus they may not want to play with them anyway, especially if you have electronics around. -Jaycyn


  • Make your own baby food. Nothing fancy – basic fruits and veggies in your regular blender and freeze in an ice cube tray. Then pop them into a tupperware and you have several serving sizes to thaw when needed! – Elisabeth and Juleen
  • Instead of pricey baggies for lunches, use reusable containers. Also, don’t fall for individually packaged kid food. Like special kid yogurt. You’re paying for the packaging. Buy the whole bucket of normal yogurt and scoop just enough into their bowl. -Elisabeth

Hopefully one or two of these tips will help you or someone you know down the road. Anxiety about money can steal from the excitement of getting ready for baby (and lots of other exciting times, too) – what a dirty thief.. so don’t let it! As with most adventures in life, make a plan, try your best and enjoy the journey.

What babies & money tips do you have to share?


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