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Feelin’ the Love

hearts made from hands

Valentine’s day has come and gone, but love is still in the air at the credit union! As if we don’t say it often enough, we really do love our jobs, our coworkers, and our members. People helping people – what’s not to love? Here are a few of the things our employees love most about credit unions:

I love how credit unions provide a fair and reasonable option for consumers. No price gouging. No greed. Just a mutually beneficial give and take where everyone wins. –Elisabeth

I love that credit unions are here to serve the people. They aren’t all about the bottom line but about what they can do for the members. –Emily

love that CUs care about the members. –Paula

I love that we always look out for our members’ best interest and how we can help them reach their lifelong goals. –Nina

I love that we don’t charge atm fees! –Sarah

I love that all big decisions are made by a board of volunteer members – not for their own gain, but for the good of all members. –April

love credit unions because we bring a personal approach to lending. Sometimes banks can set strict limitations on lending based on income, employment, or history. While credit unions are not careless with their lending, we are easier to deal with and offer more flexibility. When you know that someone local who knows you as a person, and not just a number, is the one working with you to help you achieve the things you need – it enhances the experience for everyone. –Caitlin

I love that credit unions are local. They are for the people of their community. And most of all I feel like you can walk into any credit union and be able to have a 1-1 opportunity to build a good relationship between member and employee. –Gera

Now doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies? Don’t forget to share the credit union love with your family and friends whenever you get a chance. Everyone loves warm fuzzies! Help us add to our list – what do YOU love about YOUR credit union?


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