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How the Milkman Can Save You Money

milk with stick figure

There’s still such a thing as the Milkman? Does the milk come in jars? Does he wear a little white hat and a bowtie? These are just some of the things I hear when I tell people about my milk deliveries. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had a milkman.  I am not sure exactly why my parents started using one, but I am guessing it is the same reason I still do today.  You see, I learned from my mom that meal planning and shopping on a budget are essential when raising a large family.  I remember going to Lucky foods with her, long before there was Costco and Walmart.  We would shop every two weeks and we would have three full carts.  While we did not have all the brand name foods and “good” snacks like some of my friends had, we had healthy food and wonderful home cooked dinners each night.

The habits and tricks my mom taught me and still the ones I use today, and I am happy to share with you!  In my house, we get paid twice a month.  I realize that every time I go to the store to pick up just one or two items, I seem to leave with five or six.  And that does not include if I go to Walmart where I seem to remember that I need nonfood items also…like a new shower curtain?

To make shopping twice a month work, it is important to plan.  For starters, I make a 14-day menu.  I list each day of the week and next to it I add if there are any special events that evening.  This way I know if I need a quick meal or if it can be something more adventurous.  Pinterest is my best friend because I search for ideas and “pin” them so that when it comes to planning the menu I have plenty of ideas.

Monday (baseball practice):  Tacos, refried beans, fresh pineapple

Next, I make my shopping list.  To help organize my trip to the store, I make columns for each section of the store:  Meat, Dry, Produce, Bread, Dairy, Frozen and Personal.  Then, as I go back down my menu, I list all of the items I need for that meal under their respective category.

Dry   Meat   Produce
taco seasoning   hamburger   lettuce
 tortillas       tomato
 refriend beans       onion
 olives       pineapple

So where does the milkman come in?  What you may have thought about already is that when you only go shopping twice a month, it may seem challenging to keep your vegetables and dairy products fresh.  That is true, but it can be done!  We have weekly delivery of milk, eggs and cheese.  You can get anything that the local dairy sells delivered.  And to answer your questions: the milk comes in regular jugs and sometimes the milkman does wear a baseball hat, no bowtie. You can customize your order just like if you were at the store.  The price is sometimes a bit more than what you will find in the store, but from what I save by sticking to my list and by not buying the “extras” on unnecessary trips, it is well worth it.  For veggies, I just plan my meals to have the veggies that last longer like green beans and broccoli in the second week and veggies that ripen faster like zucchini and lettuce in the first week.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!


One Response to How the Milkman Can Save You Money

  1. I try to coordinate meals so they share ingredients so there is minimal waste. Take cilantro–usually you buy a bunch to use just a little, so why not make some spaghetti squash pad thai and then a cilantro lime marinade for chicken? Super yummy and no waste!

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