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Zombies Don’t Eat VISAs


One of our past employees, Ashley, wrote this blog before she had to leave us on a new adventure to Alaska. We miss her and her great sense of humor, and we hope everything is going wonderfully for her! Since zombies love October and fraud is unfortunately common around the holidays, we thought now would be the perfect time to share this. Enjoy!  

Identity theft happens when you least expect it. You take your wallet out to buy your coffee, and you put it down on the counter while you wait. You look at the displayed CDs wondering if you have heard any of those songs. Oh yeah [chuckle] I remember that one time on that road trip to Mexico, that song came on and my bestie Heather started… and BAM! A zombie steals your wallet right off the counter. Now you’re left without a driver’s license, credit cards, your Deli-Town punch-card, pictures of your kids; and to top it all off, you can’t pay for your coffee. Great. Now that zombie is out spending your money like he’s got some! What do you do?

  1. Contact your credit union! Not so long ago, that zombie was a person and he surely remembers that though the Visa might taste good, there’s something else he can do with it – buy more stuff! That debit card can be processed like a credit, so he won’t need your pin number to start racking up charges. Contact your financial institution first so we can put a block on your card and a note on your account.  At the same time you block that card, you can order a new one with a new number (Great Basin FCU can even print you a new card right at the branch so you won’t have to be without access for long… phew!).
  2. Contact your credit card companies! Assuming you had credit cards in there, you’ll want to call right away to block all your cards and make sure Mr. RoadtripFlashbackInterrupter doesn’t have an opportunity to start charging.
  3. Change your account number if needed. It’s best not to keep your full account number in your wallet, because if a zombie gets it and you have to change it, you’ll also have to change direct deposit, automatic debits, checks, etc. IF your account number was in your wallet, now is the time to fill out new paperwork with your financial institution so you can get your account number changed.
  4. Contact the credit bureaus. You can place a warning on your credit report so that if that zombie tries to get credit under your name, (if the Sprint rep. doesn’t notice his ear falling off first) you’ll be notified. There are different types of fraud alerts and security freezes you can place depending on your situation. You’ll need to contact all 3 bureaus separately, as they have different forms and procedures; Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.
  5. Call the police to file a report.  Now 1 of 3 things might happen here; 1-They might all be dead (or undead!) by now and can’t help you. 2-They might not believe that a zombie stole your wallet, but I think this is a trend we will see on the rise in the near future. 3- Given that they are still alive and believe you, they should be able to help you fill out a report which will help them catch the zombie and will also help you if you need to file a dispute with your financial institution on any charges that went through.
  6. File disputes if needed. Monitor all accounts for at least the next week to make sure no strange charges come through. He may have been one of those rare fast zombies and made a few purchases before you could block your cards; sometimes charges take a few days to show up on your account, so keep an eye out. If you see anything suspicious, you’ll need to contact the financial institution and follow their procedures to file a dispute.

It’s also a good idea to call social security to let them know there may be a zombie out there impersonating you.

Hopefully he just got your wallet, but if he got your whole purse that rotten zombie has your keys, too! Occasionally, zombies know how to read so it might be a good idea to change your locks. Juuust in case.

Now the good thing is, if a zombie steals your wallet you’re probably not going to be worried about fraud or identity theft. You’re probably going to be more worried that there is a zombie in front of you who is going to try to eat you… Good luck!


In all seriousness, if you believe your identity has been stolen or there has been fraud on your account, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can walk you through the necessary steps to ensure that you and your account are taken care of.


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