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“Money Rules”

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I am excited to revamp and get serious about my budget after that awesome budget blog series we had! On the heels of that, we recently came across a book called “Money Rules” by Jean Chatzky; she shares some simple tips that make a big difference. I’ll share some of my personal favs along with a little extra commentary on how they’ve worked in my life. If you want to read more about these rules and other simple money tips, visit Jean Chatzky’s website.

  34. “The best cost-cutting tool is a good night’s sleep.” My friend (and Sparks Crossing Branch Manager), Sarah, told me this years ago, and it is TRUE. Don’t buy it – if you are thinking about it in a couple days, you really must have a need for it. Usually for me, I forget that I even saw something I wanted and end up saving myself the money and, most importantly, the junk pile at home.

26. “Just because someone will lend it to you doesn’t mean you should borrow it.” Chatzky’s commentary is enough said on this one – “This is the lesson of every unfurnished McMansion from Maine to California.”

12. “Save more with every raise.” This just makes sense. My fiancée and I have discussed this through a couple of raises – we were fine without it, so why not save it instead of start spending more?

11. “If you can’t see it and you can’t touch it, you won’t spend it.” Take the time to set up automatic transfers to your 401(k), emergency savings, Christmas savings, etc. For me, it doesn’t work just to have it automatically sent to another share in my account; I need a whole separate account where I don’t see the money every day. I truly don’t even know it’s there, and when I happen to go look at the balance, I am pleasantly surprised – and proud of myself (even though I didn’t really do anything)!

93. “Do declare some financial independence.” This is something I agree with and will do after marriage: In Chatzky’s words “You need some money of your own so that you can make small financial decisions – like whether to eat lunch out, whether to purchase that tie – without asking permission. Without it, financial relationships start to feel parental rather than romantic.”

47. “Shop with a list.” I know I am not the only one guilty of impulse buys when I see the lady in front of me with a basket of groceries and 4 new colors of nail polish, and the man behind me with a few cases of baby formula and a beer-can-chicken-cooking contraption as seen on TV. They strategically place these things, and they get us good! It is so true that when I make a list, I rarely stray from it. When I go without a list just to stock up the fridge, I get in to departments I shouldn’t be in every time.

Finances can get tough so hopefully some of the tips from Jean and from our real-life trial and error can help make them simple again. As always, if you find yourself with one too many as seen on TV items in your cart  in need of more tips or assistance with your financial plan, we’re here to help.


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