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When WordPerfect and Lotus Roamed the Earth

We’ve had a number of members contact us asking us why we changed our online banking system. “It wasn’t broken”;” the new one is so different”;” I liked the old one better”; “I lost this or that function” and yup, all of these statements are understandable and accurate.  The credit union was faced with an expiring contract with our online banking provider and so we looked at the alternatives available to us. Compared to our existing provider, quite candidly with a history of limitations and excessive pricing, the decision was a relatively easy one.  The current capabilities available in online and mobile banking required us to critically evaluate where we were and where we needed to be in a highly competitive and quickly changing banking world. For the past two years we’ve been evaluating and testing systems and we chose a partner that will allow us to move forward and deliver to our members the services and connectivity they expect…today.

I believe most of the correctable issues that some of our members have reported have been sorted out including security certificate errors and trouble connecting to popular financial management tools like Quicken and Some members are not pleased because we are no longer supporting Microsoft Money. The truth is that there has not been a new version of MS Money since 2008 and even Microsoft stopped supporting the product suite nearly a year ago.  The Bill Payment system has changed as well. There are some features that no longer exist such as the ability to forecast when a check will pay; not that the old system could accurately calculate the movements or inner workings of the United States Postal Service as it claimed. Probably the largest complaint has to do with the requirement of higher security including changing from an account number login to a username login and challenging the user with a security question. This new level of security has nothing to do with wanting to make things harder for the member but rather it has everything to do with making things harder for the bad guys. You see, this new system is much more than just a static list of balances. Come early next year members will have the ability to transfer funds to and from other financial institutions from within online banking. In the wrong hands this could be costly, so security is of vital importance.

More than anything else, this change was about progress. This new platform is much more flexible and forward thinking. In the near future, we will have the opportunity to provide built-in account aggregation software to show you how your money is being spent, mobile apps to manage your account on your smart phone, online card activation, wire forms, and much more.

Some of us may remember a time when someone flipped the switch and the defacto word processing and spreadsheet programs, WordPerfect and Lotus 123, went away. They were good programs, but they failed to address the functionality and compatibility demands that the competitive environment required. The future doesn’t stand still, and we will do everything to ensure our members have the tools they need and want. Thank you for your continued support and understanding, and if you have any questions, please contact your branch or call our Member Services Representative at (775) 333-4228.


2 Responses to When WordPerfect and Lotus Roamed the Earth

  1. I’m actually enjoying the new capabilities of online banking. Sometimes getting used to change is challenging, but I can begin to see the benefits of this new system and I think it will help me to manage my finances in a much more proactive manner with a lot more security. There’s nothing wrong with that!

    • Thank you for your continued loyalty, Lauri. We are very happy that you find value in the upgrade. We absolutely feel the new security features are a huge benefit to our members. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions with the new system.

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