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Financial Self Care

Cup of coffee sitting on table

Hello everyone! 

The importance of self-care is well known.  Exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, and yoga increase satisfaction, decrease stress and contribute to overall wellness. 

BUT – did you know that Financial Self-Care is just as valuable?   According to a Pre-COVID-19 poll, 80% of Americans said money was their number one stressor!  Finances affect physical, mental and emotional aspects of our lives. Financial Self Care is REALLY important!

Here are 8 steps you can begin to take right now to practice Financial Self-Care:

  1. Schedule Money Time

Just like you might schedule some needed Me time, your Money needs time too.  Use this time to ask yourself important questions about your money, including, “Where is it coming from?” and ‘Where is it going?”.  Also, think about where you might get help on certain subjects if you need it. 

  1. Find Good Support

Find someone you can work with that will support you as you make important changes and who will help you celebrate your achievements. 

  1. Remember Self Worth is NOT Net Worth

Your importance and value as a person has nothing to do with the amount of money you have in your bank account. 

  1. Create a positive money mood 

Who says you need to be in a dungeon when creating a budget?  Put on some music, light candles – create a pleasant ambiance and make your Money Time more pleasant.

  1. Be forgiving

Let go of your past and embrace the positive future that you are beginning to create right now. You can learn – and ARE learning – every day to make positive steps.

  1. Tell your inner critic to “Shut it!”

That voice in your head….the one that’s always nagging and telling you that you “Can’t”….

Well, Shut It and counter it with positive money messages.  Yes, you can!

  1. Goal! Setting

Goals give you a direction and something to work toward.   Remember keep them SMART.

  1. Keep the Hope on

You can do this and things will get better.  

Remember to be patient with yourself as you implement financial changes.  As you continue to practice Financial Self Care you will see positive changes in your thinking, behaviors and in your life. 

Great Basin Financial Services can help with NO COST coaching.  We are here to help our members and our community toward a better financial future. 

We would love to be part of your support group.  Just give us a call.

Michelle Winders


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