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What’s Happened Since the Sparks Crossing Grand Re-Opening 1 Year Ago?

What’s Happened Since the Sparks Crossing Grand Re-Opening 1 Year Ago?

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of Great Basin for 7 years and have loved every moment! 

I’m that girl, the girl who never leaves Sparks Crossing and always intends on staying here. I truly love what I do and the relationships I have built with all of you! Being at the Sparks Crossing Branch has made me fortunate enough to get to be a part of the prototype for future Great Basin branches, and have input in what works and doesn’t quite work yet.

It’s been almost 1 year since the grand re-opening of the Sparks Crossing Branch – time sure does fly! We’ve come a long way from the original little branch nestled in a virtual vegetable patch – you know, between Blind Onion and Jalapenos! (Did you know, scientifically Jalapenos are a fruit because they have seeds, but since most people think it’s a vegetable, we’re going to call it a vegetable! Plus, it works for the story!) We may still be located in between produce, but we are no longer little! If you still haven’t had a chance to see our expansion, we encourage you to visit us!

The first thing you notice when you walk through the door is the sign “Hello Boss”- that’s you! Our members! Member owned; member loved. We have the greatest boss’s (YOU) in the world!

Great Basin worked hard to build an open, warm, inviting and efficient branch for members to conduct their business at. We’ve added express tellers to do your simple transactions like making a deposit, withdrawal or making a payment to a loan! While our Lobby Staff are there to help with those more complicated transactions. This means shorter lines for quick transactions and a more personalized experience for when you do need to take your time and do more complicated transactions.

We also tried to make it more aesthetically pleasing. On any given day it’s not uncommon to hear a member ask if the plants and succulents on the walls are real. Thankfully, no, they are not – our green thumbs only work on helping you manage your green, your money!

We’ve had a few changes along the way, trying out new things – a Member Experience Ambassador who will greet you in the lobby and help you open a new account or apply for a loan, iPads to help educate you about products we offer including Online Banking, loan officers who can help you finalize your loans in the branch upon approval. Some things worked well, and others we eliminated – why, you ask? Because we listen to, and value, your feedback and suggestions.

While you may see new faces at GB from time to time there’s one thing you can count on and that is first class service so that you, our member, can have a fast, efficient and pleasant experience with any of our staff!

Thank you for being our member & the BEST BOSS ever!


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