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Reno Summer Community Events

reno summer events

Reno Summer Community Events

Summer time in my opinion is one of the best seasons of the year because of the endless events and open door activities one could share with friends and family. My personal favorite events of summer are Food Truck Fridays, Wine Walks, Chalk Walk, Hot August Nights, Wing Fest and the Reno Rodeo. Hot summer days always seem to remind me of barbecue days with my friends or family. In addition, one can enjoy swimming in Lake Tahoe, Frenchman’s Lake and Pyramid Lake.

Listed below are a few of fun activates to check out!  


WHAT: Reno Aces

WHERE: Aces Ball Park

WHEN: April 4th-September 2nd


WHAT: RENO 1868 FC Soccer

WHERE: Aces Stadium

WHEN: March 9th-October 19th


WHAT: Food Truck Friday

WHERE: Idewild Park

WHEN: May 17th-all summer


WHAT:  Wine Walk

WHERE: Downtown along the river

WHEN: June 15th-December

*3rd Saturday of each month*


WHAT: Street Vibrations

WHERE: Downtown

WHEN: June 7th-June 9th


WHAT: Reno Chalk Art Festival

WHERE: Atlantis Casino

WHEN: July 12th-July 14th


WHAT: Nevada State Fair

WHERE: Carson City

WHEN: June 6th-9th


WHAT: Reno Rodeo

WHERE: Livestock Events Center

WHEN: June 20th-June 29th


WHAT: Hot August Nights

WHERE: Downtown/Victorian Ave

WHEN: August 6th-August 11th


WHAT: Great Reno Balloon Race

WHERE: Rancho San Rafael Park

WHEN: September 6th-September 8th


For more fun events check out this link. 😊


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