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Spring in to Cleaning

mopping floor

Spring in to Cleaning

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s a sign to let the fresh air in and open your windows — as well as your cleaning supplies cabinet. Cleaning typically isn’t on our top favorite things to do list (unless it is, then more power to you! You are an inspiration to us all!). Most of us tend to spend our free time wishing to do less chores and more of the things we want to do. Some of us even sit around not doing chores watching shows about doing chores (raise your hand fellow “Tidying Up” Netflix watchers! I’m guilty too!). The funny thing about chores is the more you do them the less you do, and the less you do them the more you do. It’s a double-edged sword.

There are 5 unexpected ways that tidying up can benefit your life:

1. You will know what resources you have

Is there something in your life that you always find yourself replacing even though you know you have it already? I’m a crafter and with that comes lots of things, but the one thing that I absolutely can never keep track of is hot glue guns. It seems that whenever I need one, I need to go buy one. Since my recent venture into organizing and cleaning up, I have uncovered a grotesque amount of hot glue guns. All in places that were “great ideas at the time” but never were an official home. Now that I have created genuine homes for my supplies and not just temporary locations, I know my resources. I know exactly what I have and what I need. This allows me to save money too! Secret bonus!


2. Your thoughts will also become tidied up

Maybe you are one of those miracle people. Those of you who can live and sleep alongside a mess and have it never bother you until you find the time to take care of it. I unfortunately am not that person. If I have dirty laundry coming out the tops of my hampers or excess stuff around, I think about it and the weight of it affects how I sleep. I live with a partner who, although he likes to live in a clean house, also is a master “tuck-er-away-er”. Often, his place of choice to tuck things away is the bedroom. The very place where if it piles up it affects me the most. He is my old self, the version of me before finding the joy in really being organized and clean. We are working on breaking old habits together now, because they just don’t make us happy or stress free. He didn’t even realize the avoidance of the bedroom he had or why he felt that way until I pointed it out. By tidying up our bedroom, and keeping it that way, it allows our minds to free up unnecessary energy spent thinking about the things stacking up literally around us and lets us recharge for a new day.


3. It can save you time

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

― Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes by taking the time to do things right, and right now, it allows you to save time in the long run. It sounds backwards but I swear it’s not! When you take the time to do the job right the first time you will only be maintaining that chore the next time, which should only be taking a few minutes of your time instead of hours. The longer you evade the task or evade maintaining the task the longer it will take to clean. Doing a quick 20 minute maintenance clean weekly can give you the freedom to say yes to something else you would rather be doing with your free time. Which leads into our next positive…


4. It allows you to be more social

When you aren’t spending your weekend cleaning for the whole day it allows you to say yes more often to your family and friends. Yes to going out and yes to coming over! Gone will be the days you have to say no to fun because you need to stay home and adult and do your chores. Gone will be the days you are too embarrassed of the state of your home to have a friend swing by. You will have the complete confidence to be social anyway and anywhere you feel like it!


5. Your health will improve

Now, cleaning up your house may not be the cure for diabetes or other ailments, but it is proven to help with levels of stress which in turn improves your health. In a 2010 Study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin researchers obtained data after following 60 families. They discovered that those who perceived their home as cluttered had an increase of the stress hormone cortisol, whereas those who felt they lived clutter free had lower levels of cortisol. We live in a world where the feeling of never-ending work and obligation rule so anyway we can declutter and destress our life the better it will be for each of us.

Another theory to why tidying up can be a health benefit is that we live in a world with so much virtual reality that a dose of real physical activity, just like exercise or going outside, is a health benefit. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine an average person weighing 150 lbs can burn up to 170 calories per hour doing light cleaning. This means you don’t even need to overexert yourself to get benefits!


There are times when the weight of our belongings weigh down on our overall well-being and by removing these things and organizing them it allows you to change things unexpectedly in your own life. Some find that tidying the home gives them clearer thoughts and allows them to let go of unwanted tension. You may find that cleaning still isn’t in your top favorite things to do in the world, but it may not seem as much of a chore when you look at all the benefits of doing the job thoroughly and just maintaining you hard work for the long haul. If not today, don’t worry, it is never too late to spring in to action. Spring Cleaning is for when you need to renew, not just when the season does!

Happy Tidying!


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