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The Amazing Amanda


Meet the amazing Amanda. In February, she has worked at Great Basin Federal Credit Union for 3 years! We asked her to take a minute out of her busy day as Assistant Branch Manager to tell us all a little about herself.

Favorite movie: James and the Giant Peach

What superhero would you be and why: I just wish I could fly and teleport to anywhere at any time.

Last song that came on your iPod: I listen to a variety of genres of music but mostly use iheartRadio on my phone, my favorites are Reggae and Oldies.

Favorite book: I liked the Harry Potter books a lot, but I really liked the Portrait of Dorian Gray.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: At Great Basin!

Favorite part about working at Great Basin: I love my co-workers, they make it fun and are always so supportive.

Funniest thing that ever happened at work: I balanced and locked the front door at 4:30 instead of 5:30, it was hilarious! Everyone was like uhhh, what are you doing? (I was new.)

When I was little, I wanted to be: A Veterinarian, but as I got older I realized my heart would break all the time for hurt animals and I wouldn’t want to do go through that. I also wanted to be a Librarian. I organized my books by author’s name and numbered and color coded them on the spines. I even made my own check in and check out tickets. I wouldn’t loan them out to anyone but just wanted a “real library” at home. My Librarian name was Mrs. Flower.

Favorite pastime: Playing board games or my new addiction – playing Pokémon or Pokémon Go.

Little known fact/fun fact about me: I love bugs and creepy crawly things.

Amanda’s boss had this to say about her!

“Amanda goes above and beyond for our members and our team. She listens no matter what the situation is and puts herself in other peoples shoes, always thinking of their feelings. Her smile brings light and joy to our lives every single day. We sure are lucky to have someone like her!” – Audrey

Aren’t we lucky to have a gal like Amanda.

Congratulations to Amanda on this huge accomplishment! Here’s to 3 more great years!


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