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2018 Scholarship Winners

scholarship winners

This year, we were excited to reward three students with academic scholarships, adding up to $5,000! Our selection committee looks for individuals that demonstrate strong academics or work record, leadership skills, and we put a heavy emphasis on “community service” as it aligns with our core values. We received over 15 impressive applications, but are proud to introduce our three selections:

Kasey La Foon is one of our scholarship recipients this year who really impressed us! She is in progress of getting her Masters in Social Work at the University of Nevada, Reno. She has stellar grades and also really makes an impact on our community. Kasey shared her experience with us as a victims advocate, and it sure was impressive. Keep up the great work, Kasey!

Ashlynne Valdez is another rock star who received a scholarship from us this year. Ashlynne is going to be studying Political Science and Spanish at the University of Nevada, Reno. She also is involved with helping resolve the homelessness issue in the Reno area. She is truly inspiring. Good luck Ashlynne!

Nathan Rolshoven is another UNR student who we were proud to award with a scholarship this year. Nathan is studying Biology, and also got a stellar recommendation from his professor in his Chinese language and culture class! Wow! Nathan also volunteered many hours in Reno building the “Space Whale” in downtown Reno. Who knew that was built by volunteers? It sure brings something beautiful and inspiring into our town. Awesome job, Nathan!

A big ol’ CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s winners!

If you would like to apply for our student scholarship next year, click here to check out the requirements.


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