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New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions

What New Year’s resolutions are you making this year? Many times, people base their resolutions on their finances. Will you be saving more? Will you be investing? Are you looking to refinance your house or your vehicle? At Great Basin Federal Credit Union, we can help your resolutions become reality.

Here’s what our employees said their resolutions are for 2018:

• Continue a healthy life style, build my savings and to be more organized.

• Start saving and have a paid for a trip to Alaska by the end of next year!

• My husband and I are calling 2018 the year of the cheapskate! We are trying to use every extra dollar to pay down some debt. Just one example of that is instead of dinners out with friends and family, we’ll suggest cheaper options or get-togethers potluck-style. See ya later, debt!

• To learn Spanish.

• I have chosen to stop drinking soda completely (hardest thing for me to do), paying off all of my credit cards, hopefully paying off my car and saving money to buy a home for 2019.

• Eating out less and save money.

• Come up with the last little change for a down payment for a house. Continue to improve my credit aiming for 800-900, one day I will get there. Save money for my dream Vacay. Get a financial review to make sure my hubby and I are on track for our goals.

• Workout, eat better, and run half marathons on a quarterly basis.

• Get my knee back in shape and walk consistently to get myself back in shape.

• Get ourselves ready for retirement by saving and getting things paid off. We are looking at making extra payments on our house to get it paid off.

• I want to have more patience with my kids!

• I would like to save for an amazing Disneyland trip!

• Open my babies Jr. Savers Accounts to get them set up for collage!

• Be more consistent with my work habits like staying organized and so forth, because I do it for a week and then stop!

• To laugh, love, and forgive.

• To save more money than I spend!

• Get active and save up for stuff I may need in the future!

• Have a set budget each month that will help me be more efficient with my saving habits.

• I would like to be more active and also save more each month!

• Live in the moment more and stop worrying about things I cannot change right now.

• Be able to obtain my small aircraft pilots license within this next calendar year

• I would like to resolve to drink less Starbucks coffee which will ultimately result in saving more money.

• Continue to strive for my health goals. Finish my business plan and complete my Masters. Learn Spanish fluently and teach my kiddos.


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