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An Employee Christmas Story


Dear Whoever reads this,

I am writing today to explain how much I love Christmas. Christmas is the best time of the year they say, and they are correct! Christmas makes people who are grumpy all year long put a smile on their face. Christmas makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I mean when you look at the Christmas lights, with your hot chocolate (with marshmallows) you just can’t help but smile. Also everywhere you go plays Christmas music that you know every word too which just makes you feel on point. I can’t help to dance around the store with all the Christmas trees, and snowman decorations that go outside on your yard. I love that all the Christmas movies that they play on the Hallmark channel, especially all the original ones from when I was a little kid. I used to the when my Grandpa used to dress up every year when I was younger as Santa and he had the big round belly, and he had the big long white beard, and he used to let me sit on his lap, asking me “What do you want for Christmas little girl? HO HO HO” and I would just sit there and laugh and laugh. I love that Christmas brings family together and really just spending time together and eating really yummy food! When I first met my fiance I had never ate tamales before and when I went to his mother’s house for Christmas I ate my very first tamale ever, and I loved it! I also love Christmas because on Christmas Eve was the day that I got engaged to my wonderful soon to be husband! I have always loved decorating the Christmas, when I was younger me and my Nana would decorate the Christmas tree together, and tell Christmas stories, and we would drink hot coco. Christmas is just a great holiday for so many reasons, I could go on and on but I will end this here.


Noelle Tanner

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Share with us at or on our social media pages! Learn more about our free financial education, our low rates, and awesome member perks while you’re there!


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